Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, 1917-2011

Posted by sepoy on April 11, 2011 · 1 min read

Belatedly, I have learned that the one of the most significant historian of Sindh, and one of the most meticulous historian in Pakistan, Nabi Bux Khan Baloch passed away on April 6, 2011. Almost every thing I have touched, directly related to my dissertation, was created, edited, compiled or reflected upon by Dr. Baloch. I have been arguing with him, through him, for this past decade. To my regret, I never got a chance to meet him. But as someone who is infinitely familiar with his vast Sindhi/early Islam bibliography, I can pay no greater tribute to a scholar than that he was exacting, precise and thorough in his handling of an archive that defies almost everyone. He was, quite possibly, the last of the greats in Pakistan's historical field. We have already lost K K Aziz and Ahmad Hasan Dani.

Dr. Baloch's crowning achievements are his works on Sindhi folk and sufi poetics and literature.

You can read a fuller description of his intellectual output here.


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RIP Nabi Bux Baloch