My Simhavadivu Technique is Unstoppable

Posted by sepoy on March 03, 2005 · 2 mins read

Thing about being a South Asian historian is that I am so clueless about South Asia. Like about Kalarippayattu. Did I even have an inkling about this mother of Kung Fu? How could I have not known about this bucket-of-oily-goodness South Indian Martial Art? I knew about pehlwani and silambam but nothing about this? How uncooool.

An accidental discovery of a book at Powell's has opened my eyes. I have been obssessed with the video clips -especially, that one. I want Spike Jonze to direct the Drunken Guru starring the Tony Jaa of Tamil Nadu.

Kalarippayattu literally means 'place' where 'exercises' are practiced. As a form of physical and martial training, it has been prevalent in Kerala since at least the 12th century. Zarrilli tells us that Brahmans of Kerala in the eleventh century had had enough of Chola aggression and took up arms to fight against them. Or conversely, it developed in the sudra caste of indigenous Nayars during the same time period. The Nayar caste provided retainers, soldiers, and administrators for the Nambudiri brahmins, and were the largest group with rights to bear arms. They could also do some mean triple lutzes in the air before hitting you with the sword. When the Portugese reached south India, they were surprised to see the Nayars walking around with open swords and giving them mean looks.

It was the 1920s and that pesky colonialism that really invented Kalarippayattu. Kottakkal Karnaran Gurukkal [1850-35] and, his student, C.V. Narayanan Nayar [1905-44] created a showcase of the techniques for public performance highlighting the heroic past of Kerala and its many heroes. Kalarippayattu connected with the native audiences with its evocations of "ancient" techniques and incorporation of the mythology of the Mahabharata. From there, it morphed into the 5,000 year old fighting technique and became the mother of all martial arts etc. Funny thing, that colonialism.

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unrelated: What is walking pneumonia? I am fine. really. Have a good weekend, gentle readers.


Sivani | March 03, 2005

If you've seen Peter Brook's Mahabharata you will recognize some of the elaborate and elegant movements, especially in the preparation for one-on-one combat.

wanderer | March 04, 2005

oh i saw an amazing display of kalaripayattu on the way from bangalore to mysore. it was some sort festival near tipu sultan's summer palace. very cool. some years later, in the anuradhapura, sri lanka- i went to a museum where we saw small carvings of the chola kings practicing the martial art. these weren't too laudatory, as the sinhala hated the invading cholas.

Aijaz | March 04, 2005

sending ( a picture of Bodhidharma (Father of Kalarippayattu). Enjoy.

Cheeni | March 14, 2005

Have you been doing any reading on "Varma Kalai" ? It's the Kalari Payattu equivalent of the Vulcan nerve pinch. There are purpotedly masters of Kalari who can disable, even kill with precise hits to nerve centers, sometimes even from a few feet away without making any physical contact.

sepoy | March 14, 2005

The Zarrilli book has a little bit on the Varma Kalai. Absolutely brilliant, I say.

gene | March 26, 2005

Wow, pretty fascinating. Why is it not more recognized (I've read tons of martial arts books, and never heard of it)? It looks like good exercise, but I'm not sure about the practical fighting applications. There are really only two fighting styles that consistantly win inter-art competitions: Thai kickboxing (muy thai) and Japanese judo (or variations of it, such as ju-jitsu). All others, like karate, kung fu, etc. get taken down very quickly. Also--Vulcan death grips, or anything similar, just don't exist. There are no disabling nerve centers. You can hit someone hard enough to knock them out, or you can strangle/choke them. Hurting people is not that easy. Great videos!

Subburaj | March 26, 2006

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Kumaresh | May 24, 2006

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Mariappan Santhanam | June 07, 2006

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Atmaram | June 08, 2006

Hi, I am portuguese and I am planning to go to India to learn martial arts. Does any one knows a good school of Kuthuvarisai and Varma Kalai? Does anyone have informations about Vajra-Mushti? Does it still exist in this days? with best regards, Atmaram

saji | October 12, 2006

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Rajesh | April 18, 2007

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S. Rajendran | May 23, 2007

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karthik | June 15, 2007

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raaj | July 27, 2007

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jayan | September 07, 2007

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sugumar | September 14, 2007

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shyam | September 22, 2007

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kannan | November 07, 2007

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sabin | January 04, 2008

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john | January 10, 2008

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kannan | February 24, 2008

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Karthik | March 02, 2008

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Elango | April 23, 2008

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Phoenix | May 26, 2008

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Sanket | August 31, 2008

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Murtaza | September 28, 2008

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HARI KRISHNA | April 25, 2009


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Prassan | January 22, 2010

I don't know where you and Philip Zarilli get these ideas. Essentially, this is another Western twist to the Eastern history. The mother of many martials arts, including Kalari, is a mixture Tamilian martial arts, starting from Varma Kalai, Silambam, Adithoda, Kuthuvarisai, Malyuttham etc. Almost all martial arts you see today, Kalari, Gong-fu, Muay Thai, Kali etc. are either an offshoot or local art heavily influenced by Tamilian martial arts. Cheras, Cholas were enemies but there were times of peace and alliances when all these martial arts were taught across borders. In all these forms, Kalari and Gong-Fu (what you know as Kung Fu) are the direct descendents of Tamilian martial arts. Gong Fu was created by Shaolin monks based on the martial arts taught by Bodhi Dharma, the founder of Zen and a Tamilian prince. Kalari is just a last surviving bit of Tamilian martial arts. Most of these martial arts declined because they were either outlawed, hidden and the knowledge held back, which only makes sense because in the wrong hands, this is a dangerous weapon. Imagine the intimate knowledge of human body! This was developed by Siddhas or Tamilian Alchemists/Medicos. In fact, the founder of the great Siddha Lineage, Saint Agasthya is the founder of all these martial arts. The intimate knowledge of human body is a speciality of Siddhas and the medical art became a martial art, thus giving us the various martial arts as we know it.

Thiyagarajan | January 29, 2010

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Dipu | February 22, 2010

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anbarasan | March 07, 2010

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anbarasan | March 07, 2010

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Sridanvantri | July 15, 2011

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Kumar Naik | September 13, 2011

Hi Friends, like this artical said kalari is not only from kerala, its formed in tamilnadu in ancient times. Southern kerala is known as cheranadu in ancient times.,ex, manimegalai, sivaga sinthamani,kalingathu parani. cheranadu adopted by kochi kings in the time of 13th century.When cholas and pandyas were weak. In kerala they called therkan kalari and vadakkan kalari,most of them feel ther kankalari is froud.Because its pidivarisai likes to varmas, they cant move and feel pain. vadakkan kalari thought by weapons and normal attacking technique only.Second there is very very rare people know about varma in kerala and Tamil nadu.Dont wast your time to learn varma. Even some people knows they will teach them blood lines only. You can learn kutthu varisai in trichy,thanjore, madurai and nagarcoil areas, there are very good old masters who thought you well, but you have to spend time atleast 3 years to become master to this art. Again kalari is not found or produced by kerala its the Tamilians martial art for the world. Thank you all.

swaminathan | October 12, 2011

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swaminathan | October 21, 2011

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Mathew Gurukkal | October 26, 2011

I had been teaching Kalaripayat, stick, weapon training and Marma sastra (varma kalai). As my friend prassan has commented above, he should know that before India got its freedom, kerala and tamilnadu were one geographically and later it was divided in to two. So there is no need fighting over the point whether Kalari is the Mother martial art or silamam or varma adi or Adithada. To me all this are one and the same and one should not claim it is there's alone. So if Siddha Agasthya is Tamilian, what about sushruta, vagbhata and charaka. I hope they are not tamilians. They too have written plenty on marma sastra in sanskrit language. So lets take all the goodness as being culturally and traditionally as one and be proud we are Indian. I have taught marma sastra in Srilanka and taken classes in Bahrain, done demos and treatments in Qatar. Those interested in learning weapons, Marmam(Varmam) can contact in my email. check my website too. A skillful Marma artist must be knowledeful in Marma chikitsa (the herbal remedy or treatments for the 108 points. Interested students can contact me. If you need to open branches else where, you need to arrange the space for teaching and provide food, accomodation and fees. Best of luck to all Martial art lovers. Mathew Gurukkal

Yogesh | November 09, 2011

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Suganya | November 15, 2011

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sunilkunjumon | February 11, 2012

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vidya | May 19, 2012

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JABASTIN | May 23, 2012

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shibu | January 14, 2013

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Periyasamy | June 09, 2013

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Tarun Batra | June 12, 2013

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Parthasarathy-9962569269 | September 03, 2013

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altaf allabakash shaikh | May 14, 2014

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