Mostly Beards

Posted by sepoy on February 20, 2009 · 1 min read

On the Big Picture: Scenes from Pakistan ("Collected here are 40 recent photos from Pakistan, with a special acknowledgement to the artistry of AP Photographer Emilio Morenatti".)


elizabeth | February 20, 2009

Beards, burqas, bodies, and bombs. Great. (I did like the Data Darbar ones, though...the lights, and the hashish.)

Qalandar | February 23, 2009

The hashish picture was superb indeed, and the urgency at the mazaar of Daata Ganj Baksh was palpable. The ones focusing on the situation in the North-West were certainly all dramatic and striking, but as the title of your post makes clear, a bit predictable. Not so the one with the man sitting with his tools/implements on the road-divider with traffic on either side.