Missing Apples in Benares

Posted by sepoy on June 17, 2005 · 3 mins read

Have you heard of the Apple's announcement that it will switch over to Intel processors? You must have. I have had many, many emails from readers asking what is my take on this amazing development. Ok, by "many, many" I mean "one". And by "one", I mean, "myself". Seems like CM is not the go-to destination for your tech commentary. Which really is a shame, people! I have opinions! I am a registered Apple developer. I even developed something for OS 8.0. Yeah.

So anyways. The deal is that Apple will still be making it's own hardware. The chip inside will be made by Intel. Persumably, this has been under-the-wraps for a while. Many a hours have been spent at the pub debating about this eventuality. Good time, I must say, were had by all.

The intriguing possibility for me, here, is with regards to emerging markets, esp. South Asia. It is no question that domestic or worldwide, the biggest hurdle for Apple has always been their price-point. People are cheap sods, and the rest of the world doesn't even have all that money. I don't think that moving to Intel will allow Apple to make sub-$200 boxes but it will at least allow Apple to make a comparable sub-$500 box. Obviously, as soon as these Aptel machines pop up on the market, someone with a soldering iron and a box of resistors will tweak that motherboard to run in any beige box. I am leaning towards a hardware hack because I doubt that Apple will leave a OS window [they might, even better]. In any case, there is a distinct possibility that below $200 boxes running the greatest OS ever will be available for Latin America or South Asia. If Apple is smart, they will take the first step and construct that simputer themselves.

My complaint, as I have written earlier is about Apple's lack of interest in South Asia. Would it kill Apple to put up a Apple Experience Center in Banglore? or Lahore? Would it kill to hire someone in South Asia? Why no love, Apple? Why? You have a great OS - stuffed to the gills with localization excellence - and you don't want to give it to anyone? Does Jobs hate India? When he came to Benares in the 70s, was someone really mean to him?

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week, gentle readers. And have a nice weekend.


SHA | June 18, 2005

You know what if Apple really opened up in South Asia, who do you think will buy their stuff.As long as there is going to be something cheaper & maybe better than Apple around,people won't give Apple a thought.Maybe thats why they aren't interested in opening up this side of the world.

Vagabond | June 18, 2005

I think this topic is highly distracting and premature... We should return to the VHS vs. BETA debate and settle that once and for all before muddling on to other issues such as Windows/Apple/UNIX, RISC/CISC, Intel/Motorola/AMD and so on and so forth.