Memory matters

Posted by sepoy on May 11, 2004 · 1 min read

This is hell week. Teaching today and thursday (lecture currently missing [i really hope no prospective employers ever read this blog and wise up to my shenanigans]); some html and virii viruses madness at work; and most of all a stack of books sky high on all desks around me. The reason is that I have to present at the Theory and Practice in South Asia Workshop on Thursday after my class. The title of the talk is Contesting History: The Memory of Muhammad b. Qasim in Sindh. Last night, I spend cuddling up with Pierre Nora and Maurice Halbwachs. Let me just say that these French love to gab. I am little apprehensive but that's ok. I will survive.
It does mean that I see pink elephants everywhere (memory=pink elephants).
So, expect little of me this week.
Instead, go learn how the world works at They Rule 2004: an excellent flash mapping program based on SEC filings of major corporations in the USA.
Also, Thursday, we will have the election in India concluded. Things are looking up for Congress but I have a feeling that Vajpayee led NDA will prevail. So, keep an eye on that one.


sven | May 11, 2004

my elephants are baby blue.

s¯nee | May 12, 2004

!!!!!!!!stop reading newspapers!!!!!!!!!!

ubaid | May 13, 2004

Guess what, it's not virii, as I discovered much to my chagrin last week :), it's viruses. Great blog btw.

sepoy | May 13, 2004

hmmm...Viruses, eh? i guess viriiii was wrong. what are the blog-ethics for amending posts? hmmm. thanks for liking CM.