Mein Hindustani Larki Hoon

Posted by sepoy on January 13, 2007 · 1 min read

Brett Lee duets with Asha Bhosle in one of the more bizarre things I have seen in a while. I do commend Lee on his rolled R's.


Huma | January 13, 2007

The part where he goes 'haan mein tumhara hoon, tumhara hi rahoonga' is so atrociously hilarious that I almost peed in my pants. No seriously.

sepoy | January 13, 2007

Well, the creepiest question: WHO is he wooing? the call-center girl? or granny Bhosle?

Huma | January 13, 2007

I'd like to think granny Bhosle. Call center girl is clearly not impressed.

Quizman | January 15, 2007

heh. :-) Maybe she will be, if he plays polo.

AG | January 15, 2007

Tom Friedman and this video: two instances of globalization having gone horribly wrong.