Man Enough for Madras?

Posted by sepoy on May 04, 2004 · 1 min read

I don't really want this blog to deteriorate down to me listing SPAM everyday but this is too damn good to pass over. This spam comes from J.Crew touting their new summer collection. The ad copy was what caught my attention:

When the tailors of Madras invented the lightweight Madras Patch Jacket, they discovered that the only thing that kept them cooler on a hot Indian day was a quick dip in the Ganges. This season, J.Crew has taken this fine loomed Madras Patch and sewn it into a special edition jacket, pants, shirts, hats and belts. So now you can stay cool and look cool, too.

Now how exactly does jacket-designing and dipping-in-da-ganges square? Regardless, that is ugh-liest thing I have ever seen. In defense of the tailors of Madras, it was the Scots Brigade and the 19th Light Dragoons - the first cavalry to come to India in late c. 18th- with their Scottish tartans uniforms that got re-interpreted and taken back to England. So, uh, as on my latest kick: Blame the Scots!! (this kick is due to my watching Niall Ferguson on CSPAN).


Marlowe | May 05, 2004

On behalf of my distant Scottish ancestors, I rebuke blame for the Madras jacket's pattern.

sepoy | May 05, 2004

Not so easily, my friend. You have to make amends (and if I remember correctly, your closet needs to do the same) by admitting your complicity in the colonial enterprise and forking over some restitution to this sufferer.