Man Booker: Aravind Adiga

Posted by sepoy on October 14, 2008 · 1 min read

"I was in Australia and New York and here in England, I was at Oxford for a few years. At least two of those places were very egalitarian, and this was Sydney and New York and when I came back I had to a large extent forgotten what it had been to be well off in India," he told The Australian Online.

I had no embarrassment about doing many things for myself that would (normally) be done by servants. I think I looked at people in a different way and I am not claiming to be non-middle class back in India but I am conscious of the fact that there are people around me who are servants and I am curious of what they are like."

Oh that India, only when you leave it, will you learn to endure it. And write about its contradictions. What a fate.

Thank Allah for egalitarian Oxford.