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Gautam Malkani: Desi Irvine Welsh? [via]


jazz | May 10, 2006

londonstani will probably be an excellent book and make millions. It does show the lives of people living in this fake asian ghetto but as Gautam Malkani is an outsider looking in i believe he can not capture what it is really like living this type of lifestyle. For one race plays a very minor role (the racism to white people and trying to stand out as a muslim/sikh etc you will hardly ever see) the way youths try to stand out and proove masculinity is a mere modern reflection of the typical macho behaviour coming from the old days, especially in Muslim and Sikh societies. The Biggest thing he misses is that yes most Asians are not poor but act like they are ghetto but this is because around us (speaing as a resident of Southall) we see very rich infamous drug dealers, many drug addicts and crack houses, prostitutes, robberies, kidnappings and real harsh violence. This shows that while most of us live comfortably it does not stop our area and communities having typical inner city traits. This is just a view from a jealous journalism student who has only read extracts and reviews. Anyone got anything to say please email me, i do not even know who i am addressing in this critique i found this randomly. BLA BLA BLA SHUT UP U PAKI, thats wot u lot r finkin, ok l8rz