Posted by sepoy on October 07, 2005 · 2 mins read

Am in Madison attending this here, um, gathering. Basically an excuse to hang with some peeps. So, if you in Madison and, you read this here blog and you wanna meet up, leave a note on the board. Me and Amardeep will hopefully meet and talk about the initiative or just have a pint. You know how it is. If boredom strikes...LIVE blogging the state of South Asian Studies!

Also in town, World Dairy Expo!

later: so yeah, boredom has struck. what does it say that I really don't want to listen to any panel? so much to miss. For example, Sumit Guha, Michael Fisher, Eugene Isrchick, McKim Marriott [cubes!], Paula Richman, Cynthia Talbot, Tom Trautmann, John Richards, Tom Metcalf will all be missed. On the other hand, contractual obligations require that I represent my Chicago crowd. I looked around the program to see if there were some titles/themes that I could snark on ... and there are plenty but I have no-snark policy now, remember?
In the meantime, I am chilling out to the best view of the lake and a gigantic Temple of the Masonry Order from this 14th floor hotel room. The White Sox game awaits me and then, maybe, the keynote by Eaton.

laterer: observation: surprising lack of any panels on technology issues. we need to podcast this here gathering. podcasts will set us all free!

laterest: observation: ended up going to some panels after all. saw Marriott's cubes and Talbot's presentation. The rest of the night didn't rock as steady or as long. But, not our fault. Where was NYKOL!?


raven | October 07, 2005


Sven | October 07, 2005

Whateves! You are coming home Saturday so we can see Serenity!

Amardeep | October 09, 2005

Let's do a panel next year on technology... I second that moo, and raise you a cow.

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