Posted by sepoy on October 19, 2006 · 1 min read

A Huzzah! to my man Whitney Cox for defending his dissertation today. Much cel[r]ebration will be had.

And, tomorrow all concerned are going to the 35th Annual South Asia Conference at Madison. I have a panel Digital Humanities for South Asia with a paper, From Diwan to Database: Digital Archives of South Asia - along with pdcs. The exciting thing is that we have the worst time-slot. So, l33t.

If any gentle readers want to meet up, you will know where to find me.


Quizman | October 19, 2006

Glad that this topic is being discussed. I, for one, am terribly frustrated in attempting to navigate through the Digital Library of India, though they have phenomenal books. I guess they have taken the lazy way out by simply scanning the pages of books and uploading them. Thus, books in vernac languages are gif/jpeg/tif files. Each page is a darn file. {Unless I am confused as to what this topic is about}

whitney | October 28, 2006

thanks for the shout-out holmes. just saw this today.