Louis "Studs" Terkel, 1912-2008

Posted by sepoy on November 01, 2008 · 1 min read

A great Chicagoan is no more.

My one story about Studs Terkel involves the blues and Romila Thapar - as she told us, about being hosted by Studs in the mid 60s in Chicago and being introduced to blues and jazz at the Checkerboard Lounge. So, here is Studs:

Despite all the above misadventures, I love the U of C Law School and treasure those three years of attendance. Allow me to explain.Never having drive an automobile, I was a street car student, traveling from the near North Side to Hyde Park. It involved three trolleys. One point of transfer was in the black belt, known as Bronzeville. It was there while waiting that I heard recorded music — blues songs — blaring out of the gallimaufry stores; everything second-hand was for sale. Even used phonograph records. I fell deeply in love and bought them by the score; a nickel or a dime each. It may explain why I was so often late for class.

So it was that I came to listen and learn from some of my most memorable mentors; Big Dill Broonzy [sic]; Memphis Slim; Tampa Red; Memphis Minnie; Roosevelt Sykes; the Honey Dripper; and even from Peatie Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son-In-Law.

update: Ebert remembers...

update 2: Studs on Studs and the University of Chicago...


elizabeth | November 01, 2008

Oh man. I'm so sad he didn't make it four more days. And, this was already a year to think about rereading Hard Times--now it's a must.

cc | November 01, 2008

Big Dill Broonzy? Someone better inform the University of Chicago that they have a typo in their midst. Big Bill Broonzy was a great musician, although I'm sure Big Dill Broonzy tastes more pleasant.