Londonistan II

Posted by sepoy on September 17, 2006 · 1 min read

So the week flew by and I have done no shopping. Trudged around Oxford Street looking for something. Went to a couple of Body Shops - ahem - and found nothing. Is it just me or is London a tad more crowded now [then, say 1766 when I was last here - sheesh]. My quest to find a cricket vest - not so lucky.

The highlight, as always, has been in meeting people. I had a great night out on Wed. with Rob, Spencer and dacoit [congrats to Rob for finishing his M.A. and deciding to come to Chicago for his Ph.D.] Also, saw Raphael, a former student who is now reporting for the A.P in London. He told me about the nutty statement of Ze Pope - as it had just come out that morning. I remember contemplating that the reaction to such statements could be ugly. Then, I emerged from the 2 day occulsion at the conference to find out the reaction, indeed, has been ugh-lee. Oh well. At least, at Cambridge were more grand hangouts with Africanists and other scholars of the colonial ilk.

Pictures and more as I gather my senses - after I get back to Chicago.


maujkar | September 17, 2006

Good..ASHES 2005 is on its way :)

Sin | September 17, 2006

Good lord! You're in London and I didn't even know about it! You need to e-mail me this sort of thing; after all, who better to take you shopping than a gay desi?

Rob | September 17, 2006

"deciding to come to Chicago for his Ph.D." Man, I was way more drunk than I thought... Incidentally, two stops after we parted my bus broke down and I had to stand half in the storm, half in the doorway, waiting for a replacement. At least London smiles on visitors! As for more crowded... yup.

elizabeth | September 19, 2006

eh, pity about the timing, i'd have given you a tour (not of cambridge, but the Other Place) had it been a month-ish earlier or later. Also, if yr Body Shop forays were unfruitful, tell your unruly-haired friends to try ebay--it's been a reliable source of the indian gardenia perfume since TPTB at body ship discontinued it. did you buy lots of books in London?

sepoy | September 19, 2006

sin: my bad, i woulda loved to hang with you. next time around. rob: you were not that drunk. you just made the wise choice. perhaps not in the matter of transportation. e: i would have loved a tour of the Other Place - where I may be headed in May. Sadly, this is the first time that I never bought any printed material on a trip - not even a newspaper. I have little explanation. I did spend a bunch of time in a few bookstores. But, somehow, I am perennially distracted lately.

thabet | September 21, 2006

Next time you're in town, you should check otu Surrey CC's sports shop or Fordham sports in SW15.