Let Them Say It

Posted by sepoy on December 06, 2005 · 1 min read

In my last post, I mentioned the fall of Baghdad at the hands of Hulegu in 1258 as being a pivotal event [apologies to readers unable to read squiggles]. I thought it would be interesting to give some examples from poetry and prose depicting the Fall.

But, I found this article by Amina Elbendary that hits most of my points AND has the qasida that I wanted to post here today. So, go read it there. I will just note that the qasida at the end of the article is in the marsiya genre - a lament for the dead - in this case, the city itself.

In more general news, I bemoan my lack of initiative in dredging up the minutiae of history for you. But, this time of the year is so un-suited for blogging, really. Hiatus, unless something catches my eye. Which is really status quo, no?