Lahore Snaps VII: An Afternoon Out

Posted by sepoy on April 04, 2008 · 4 mins read

There wasn't much time to visit anyone or any place. I saw maybe a fraction of Lahore, and that maybe on two trips. Even if I had time, I had little inclination to go places. I am a nostalgic guy but I hate nostalgia. You feel me? Not to mention that Lahore was cordoned off under the bomb threats.

I did partake in a tiny bit of nostalgia. I went by my high school, Cathedral High School.

Cathedral High School

I gazed forlornly at the ground where I played my very first cricket match (I was posted at third man boundary. I let the ball go between my legs. I was ridiculed, mercilessly, by my classmates for the next 6 years.)

Cathedral High School 2

While I was taking pictures, a chaprasi (attendant) came by and said that some teacher was angrily demanding that I explain myself and my shutterbugging habits. I told him I am an alumni but that didn't seem to placate anyone. Casually, trying not to run, I retreated to the car.

We drove to Mall Road to visit Ferozsons Ltd. I had wanted to find these adventures of Hatim Tai that I used to read - but they only seemed to have the kid's tales version, which was not what I had in mind. Fun, though.

Scary readings.

Then, I walked down the Mall (followed by two C.I.D. guys, I think, who grew concerned when I started snapping pictures of an anti-Danish rally on the mall) and looked at the General Post Office, where I used to spend ungodly amounts of time.

Anti Danish Rally

General Post Office

and, thought about mailing some postcards but couldn't find any ... postcards. Sorry, everyone, whom I promised a mailing from Lahore. I suck.

Postal Box

I was distracted, briefly, by the sight of headgear - it being hot and muggy that day. And I really needed some shade for my eyes. Nothing really appealed, though.

Love Thy Neighbor

Then, I was distracted by The Mummy in Urdu.

Urdu Dubing

But only momentarily. Soon, the A/C car was there, and we could jet back home.

Work Commute

But, not before we caught this exquisite, and routine, street kabuki theater.

Getting out of a Ticket

I _love_ the bored slouches of the two public servants on the left.

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Also, FYI: There are additional snaps on Flickr that I am not posting in these posts here...


khawab | April 07, 2008

wow awsome shoots.... i have been to lahore couple of times but never got a chance to actually go out n luk @ da place...but it is definitely in my Places-to-visit list.... showing some paki love n respect... cheers

Desi Italiana | April 07, 2008

Really wonderful pics, like all of the previous posts.

Desi Italiana | April 07, 2008

I Love Jesus?

Szerlem | April 08, 2008

Much delayed comment but your Lahore snaps are killing me. I want to visit so much.

sepoy | April 08, 2008

Thanks, everyone. Esp. to Szerlem who does far superior photo-essays than I can.

desiknitter | April 08, 2008

So how much do you think they finally settled for (in the last photo)?

sepoy | April 08, 2008

Hmm, 2-300? I can't imagine inflation being that over the top, and back in me days, it was about 50-100. Thought, it is 3 of them. So, 500 just to be safe.

desiknitter | April 08, 2008

When I first looked at it I thought - the citizen, after having invoked the law, principles of civics, and basic decency, has just switched to one precious uncleji in a powerful position. The leader of the pack is still trying, but the others have realised that kuchh nahin hone waala, sab time waste saala, jaane do isko.

Szerelem | April 10, 2008

Aww..that's very kind. Thank you :)

Mohsin | February 03, 2009

Beautiful pics........especially of school. I am a cathedralite as well an dplayed in the same ground....thanx for reminding me all this. Mohsin

Haider | November 08, 2009

Great shots i also went to cathedral school for a couple of years and now in australia i miss lahoreeeeeeeeeee

Agha | April 16, 2010

I am also a Cathedralite class of 1974 (senior cambridge). not sure if there is someone from that year around?

George King | June 05, 2010

Well, just come across this site today. I was at Cathedral from 1959-1962 (long time ago!!). Anyone here from that time? I was back on a short visit in 2005, going to the school again brought tears to my eyes -- the place has meant a lot to me over the years.

Najam | July 11, 2011

Hi Guys I am also a Cathedralite from 1974 batch moved to Australia 25 years back ,miss my school spend 11 yrs . Thanks for good memories.Wish u the best,feel like getting in touch