Lahore Snaps VI: How We Roll

Posted by sepoy on April 02, 2008 · 1 min read

I have a great story ... from when I was 10 ... and it involves a tanga, ice-cream in a cone and Fortress Stadium at night. There are no tangas left in Lahore anymore. Below is the only one I saw. The story is meaningless, without a tanga, isn't it?


Room at the Top

Riders on the Bus

Builder Lover Boy



Milk Man

Lahore Bus

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Desi Italiana | April 02, 2008

"I have a great story … from when I was 10 … The story is meaningless, without a tanga, isn't it?" Even if it's meaningless now, what's the story?

desiknitter | April 02, 2008

Did you drive the tonga like Dilip Kumar and Mohammed Rafi in Naya Daur? What lovely pictures. I like the picture with the yellow bike, it reminds me of college and Rose Day.

nazra | April 03, 2008

Let's hear the story. The tangas disappearing makes me sad. I have fond memories of visiting my sister when she was at FJ Med. Coll. in the 1960s and riding tongas to Anarkali for chaat! I remember quite a few when I was last in Lahore in 2001. When did become scarce?

sepoy | April 03, 2008

Used to be that I'd take a salum tanga for 5 rupees from Sadr Bazaar to Jorey Pull. And pass wide open fields and cricket grounds along the way. Now the wide open fields and the cricket grounds are Askari Housing Complex for Army officers. The tangas went away under a scheme which subsidized Qingqi - chinese machinery is far superior to the clippety clack of a horse trot on a wet evening road. What story does every one keep talking about?

elatya | April 04, 2008

Perhaps the story is "meaningless" but the pictures of your journey are incredible! Maybe a personal recount, rewrite is in order? -cheers

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