Kill the Future

Posted by sepoy on December 16, 2014 · 1 min read

Kill the future
Shut down twitter, facebook, linkedin, google
Unplug the internet, the hydro-dam, the nuclear reactor
Shutter the few generators of electricity
let those hooked to machines, die

Spray with fire our books; plug the holes in our logic with bullets. Erect a flag, on a bamboo stick. Plant it in the father's chest.

Tear the scream from the mother's throat tune it to the national anthem set the reverbs of the blasts as rhythms release it for us to Like

Pour gasoline on me,
Flick your thumb against the flint
Light me.
Make me watch how I burn and then shoot me
shoot me
shoot me
shoot me
shoot me
shoot me until 132 bodies are full of your lead.
shoot me in the eyes.

Write my obituary
Find out who fought for my cause
Make of them Heroes of Islam
Garland them in poppies.
Let them smoke my ashes.

wear your uniform to my funeral, have your dharna at my door, make your reconciliation, enjoy your appeasement, drone me, fill my shed skin with petro-dollars, sing me a hindu lullaby.

murder the past, kill the future.


James | December 16, 2014

بس لکه د سپېلنو لوګی لوګی سم

Jyoti Mishra | December 17, 2014

Agony and anger is well expressed. Witnessing all that's happening these days future looks so bleak and horrid.

juhi | December 17, 2014


C M Naim | December 18, 2014

I now fear for all those who were issued death sentences in cases of alleged blasphemy.

Matthew Gordon | December 18, 2014

The heart has sunk to a new low. But can I ask for suggestions of things to read in reaction to the massacre?

sepoy | December 19, 2014

These two pieces are good, so far:

sepoy | December 19, 2014

And this: