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Posted by sepoy on May 31, 2004 · 2 mins read

None of that pesky freedom and democracy rhetoric from the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He made it clear to the WaPo yesterday that "sometimes we are dealt a set of cards that don't allow us do everything we want to do at once". And the cards dealt to the DPN are such that he has to be all pragmatist and realist while his opponent can float on vague notions of civilization.
So, what does he have to say about Pakistan?:

Kerry said Pakistan is a "critical relationship," and he said he would not immediately pressure President Pervez Musharraf to loosen the reins of power.
"Is he a strongman to a degree? Did he promise elections that have not occurred and all the rest? Yeah," Kerry said. "I don't see that as the first thing that is going to happen in our priority of making America safer. It is a long-term goal. It is a goal that I will keep on the table. But it is not the first thing that has to happen."
Instead, Kerry said, the first priority is keeping nuclear weapons from radical Islamists in Pakistan, with the secondary objective of crushing al Qaeda through better intelligence sharing with Pakistani security services.
Kerry evinced little concern about the possibility that Islamic parties could sweep elections in Middle Eastern nations if open elections were permitted. He said he would not try to thwart the results if it appeared Islamic parties might win.
"The last time I looked, except for Florida, an election is an election," Kerry said.

As long as you do right by Americans, carry on. I have to say how insanely SHORT-SIGHTED and STUPID this foreign policy agenda is. US has to promote democracy in Pakistan. And by promoting, I mean: Fair trade, strong business ties, grants for education [administered by UN], cultural ties [no, not the O.C. on cable but massive libraries filled with Dead White Authors and PBS], and above all, a constant drumbeat of consistent, regular elections. Musharraf will co-operate, no doubt. He is most suited to liberalizing Pakistani society and rolling back Zia's Islamization curse. But, at least KEEP THE PRETENSE OF DEMANDING FAIR ELECTIONS. Even the commonwealth had more balls than that. Dear Kerry, you are not to give free passes to dictators! sheesh.


Moiz | May 31, 2004

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