Keeping US Safe from Cricket

Posted by sepoy on July 07, 2004 · 2 mins read

ICC announced a couple of days ago the venues for the 2007 World Cup. Missing prominently was any US venue even though Fort Lauderdale, Florida made a serious bid for the games. It is no secret that ICC clearly wants in on the US market and, as the Telegraph piece points out, "in South Florida there are 1.3 million immigrants from cricket-playing countries, and 6.5m in the United States as a whole. Locally, around 5,000 cricketers play regularly in 80 leagues." That is quite a decent base to launch a bid. But, ICC did not choose Ft. Lauderdale. Instead they chose Guyana as a new venue with TOTAL population of 705,000 and 20% unemployement rate. They also chose St. Kitts and Nevis with TOTAL population of 39,000. Sorry, Nathaniel, SVG didn't make the cut.
So what gives? Why did ICC pass on US dollars and market share? Blame Ashcroft.

The lack of any assurances from the US government that visa applications would be fast-tracked for players from all competing nations caused the game's governing body, the International Cricket Council, to shelve ambitions to promote the game in the toughest and most lucrative market in the world.
The disturbing possibility that a high-profile Muslim player could be stranded at an American airport, trying to explain to bemused immigration officials that he had a vital cricket World Cup match to play in Florida, was a damaging scenario that the ICC and the West Indies World Cup organising committee dared not take.

And don't even think about all the Dubai-wallas with their Rolex and gold chains descending upon Florida to dance in the streets for India or Pakistan.
This is such a shame. The terror of US Immigration has now claimed Cricket, British journalists, Canadian authors, British authors and these are the high profile people. How many countless brown people will never think again of visiting the US even if they love the country?


s¯nee | July 07, 2004

Dubai-Wallas!! :) nice article by irfan husain,,

nathaniel | July 09, 2004

They picked St Kitt's ? They're even fucking smaller than we are! There are peace corps volunteers, though. Maybe I should go there to watch the world cup... Only I will be back in the states by then, with better things to do than visit the caribbean again I desperately hope. Oh - and Cricket isn't really all that exciting. too bad, that. ;-)

India Fan | May 09, 2006

Indian will win the World Cup. No Doubt !!!!!