Posted by sepoy on May 28, 2004 · 1 min read

Main Entry: Kakatanied
Pronunciation: 'ka'ka'ta need
Function: verb
Etymology: High English Critic, from New York Times, of Japanese origin; akin to recluse authors like Pynchon, prone to lashing out in fury on Great White Authors like Roth, Mailer.
1 a : to pulverize, to ridicule by a quaint twist of phrase, to shame out of existence [largely literary], to make white men shed the tweed and confront the scorn of a double minority who loathes their middle-browed, infantile, over-adjectivied writing, to refuse to kowtow before the earthen gods of the day set on their pedestal awaiting your offerings, to be snarky.
Example: Samuel Huntington's Who Are We?. "A crotchety, overstuffed and highly polemical book". "...what amounts to a 400-page PowerPoint presentation.". "... also pockmarked with perplexing contradictions and curiously blindered observation."
intransitive senses
1 obsolete : I am Michiko Kakatuni.
2 in vogue: I love Michiko Kakatuni.