Posted by sepoy on December 05, 2006 · 1 min read

From the writing-directing-acting-webdesignin' duo, the Suhrwardy Brothers comes a Pakistani actioneer, Kaanch. I am unclear as to what Kaanch [crushed/broken glass] is about from the trailer - something about going back home and then running in a jungle? - but, there you go, the fledgling independent cinema of Pakistan.

While Urdu cinema has been dying [dead?] for a while, it is very heartening to see indies take off in Karachi. Later this month, people can go check out the 6th Karachi Film Festival - I am curious about Majagan - a film about Bulleh Shah - and Honour and Shame, about Mukhtaran Mai.


Jeff Mather | December 09, 2006

"something about going back home and then running in a jungle?" So, you're saying Mel's Apocalypto is a remake of Kaanch set in Mayan times?

VOX VISION | June 10, 2007

AURAT AUR MARD ..PAKISTANI FEATURE FILM COMING SOON...DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE TRAILER NOW... www.aurataurmard.com Trailer: www.aurataurmard.com/trailer.html

Shahid | June 17, 2007

Kaanch is airing on Geo ,17th June 9 pm PST as a special presentation. www.kaanch.com