K. K. Aziz 1927-2009

Posted by sepoy on July 17, 2009 · 1 min read

K. K. Aziz, one of the finest historians of Pakistan, is no more.

It is a great loss.

I had planned on writing a fuller obit but Adil Najam has done a splendid job.

Also see K. K. Aziz on Lahore


ubaid | August 07, 2009

K.K Aziz was a flamboyant, Outregious person . bent upon having his say on the subject of his own choice.

Harish Sharma | October 02, 2009

I had met Professor Aziz in the autumn of 2005 to become his admirer straight away. I had headed a team of history students to Lahore to interact with the social science students of Furrukh Khan at LUMS. One of the students on the last day suggested to me to meet Aziz Saheb. Accordingly an appointment was fixed at 4:00PM at his Johar Town residence. We were instructed to be on time so as to avoid any emarassment. Aziz Saheb was always serious about time. We were five minutes advance and the man in his light blue shirt and grey pant was there in the porch of the home. Meeting was instant hit. The man had met us not because we were the students of history but because we were from the city of his dreams Amritsar. Since we were about 15 persons and he did not have any idea of our numbers, he asked us to accomodate ourselves whereever we could. Mrs Zarina Aziz the most genteel lady I have ever met began to look after us and Aziz Saheb sat on the Sofa and began to speak about his memories of Amritsar and Batala and while he talked his sobbing was unstoppable. He made most of us cry with emotions. We had met many other persons in Lahore and enjoyed their hospitality, for which the Lahoris are known for, but this was an exceptional meeting. He spoke about the discipline of history and broached the idea of how history was being misintrepreted by vested interests. It was a very warm meeting. We remained at his home for two hours. In the meeting he expressed his desire to visit Amritsar. I agreed to do the needful and I did on my return. I cannot forget the moment when he came out to see us off. Right in front of the house he got hold of my hand and said, " Sharma look at the upper floor of the house, it is all vacant and when you come to Lahore come with your family and this is your home. Furrukh had opened for us the door to Pakistan and Aziz Saheb and his wife gave us a home. How could I forget these words. It was a passionate appeal of an affectionate couple. Then after we were in constant touch. Then he came to Amritsar for one week stayed with us delivered lectures at Guru Nanak Dev Universtiy. These are still remembered by students. He invited me and our family and we came to Lahore and stayed at his home. Mrs Sharma observed her Karva Chauth in lahore during that Journey. I t was remarkable as to how the Azizs treated us as their children. Aziz Saheb is no more,. Our heart goes out for Mrs Aziz. We wanted to meet her, but we have not been successful in that. Yes we have talked on phone. We still yearn to meet her. Allah alone knows when will this happen. Aziz Saheb was an exceptional man of qualities of head and heart. He will be missed by us for all times to come

sepoy | October 02, 2009

Sharma Sahib, My sincere thanks for sharing your memories. - m

Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, 1917-2011 | April 11, 2011

[...] quite possibly, the last of the greats in Pakistan’s historical field. We have already lost K K Aziz and Ahmad Hasan [...]

UMAIMA ZAFAR | July 12, 2012

mrs zarina aziz is no more too