Just Islam or Just Islam

Posted by sepoy on October 27, 2009 · 1 min read

I guess the burning Obama effigy adds some to the context but enquiring minds do want to know ... [h/t jason]

Afghans shout slogans during a protest in front of the parliament ...

Afghans shout slogans during a protest in front of the parliament building in Kabul October 25, 2009. Afghan police used fire to disrupt the protest by thousands of people in the capital Kabul on Sunday over a report of burning of a copy of Koran by foreign forces, witnesses said. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood (AFGHANISTAN CONFLICT RELIGION)

University students shout anti-U.S, NATO and Afghan government ...

University students shout anti-U.S, NATO and Afghan government slogans during a demonstration in front of the Afghan Parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009. Hundreds of Afghans shouted anti-US, NATO and Afghan government slogans and burned effigy of the President Barack Obama during a rally to protest a rumor that U.S. forces had bombed a mosque and burned a copy of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, in nearby Wardak province in mid-October. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq)


Conrad Barwa | October 28, 2009

Pretty much shut down the university as well from what I heard.

AIG | October 28, 2009

the natives are getting restless. What did I tell you, never touch their women and never attack their religion.

learn quran online | October 31, 2009

i think so that every one has rights to protest and afghans have it to but its not the way to shoot them out to get rid of the protest . nato should Liston to the people of Afghanistan and come to a solution instead of just winning there war with weapons. and the mosque is a symbol of Islam and Muslim say it the every mosque is the home of Allah so we can see why they are angry

Nikolai | October 31, 2009

“It is clear that the fundamental principle laid down in the Qur'an is the principle of election; the details or rather the translation of this principle into a workable scheme of Government is left to be determined by other considerations.” - Muhammad Iqbal (PUH) I have problems with some of Iqbal's ideas, mainly his monolithic and problamatic view of Islam as too singular an entity, but it should be pointed out that he did accept some forms of democracy. I got that quote from this paper: http://www.allamaiqbal.com/publications/journals/review/oct01/03.htm