Just Illin’

Posted by sepoy on February 28, 2005 · 1 min read

I had a nice post planned about what I have been doing for the past 6 months which culminated on saturday.
i am a sick, sick, sick man.

so, hang on tight, gentle readers. I will be back.

ps. farangi can chime in with an entry anytime. that slacker. feel free to bash him in the comments.


sven | February 28, 2005

farangi. isnt that like a star trek culture?

Farangi | February 28, 2005

Sven, you have just reached pomo nirvana. When you can correctly unify Star Trek, the Arabic word (I think it's Arabic--Sepoy?) for foreigner, Chapati Mystery and a gun-toting, bible quoting, muscle-car driving writer/lawyer from Ohio, you've done your duty to mankind. You may now retire. There is nothing left for you. That was your thesis, man.

wanderer | February 28, 2005

farangi, foreigner, not in arabic. but yes in urdu, hindi, hindustani- whatever you call it. in common parlance, refers to the 'white man'. (in arabic you could use ajnabi (stranger/foreigner) or a'jamee (non-arab)). by the way, i enjoyed the speech at re-orientations. the audience enjoyed the line about sindhi having 50-something letters. nice job.

haroon | March 01, 2005

hope you feel better. sorry i missed hearing the speech; just hearing about sindhi's many weirdo letters gets me excited. which invites other, harsher comments.

Sharon | March 01, 2005

Hope you get better soon, sepoy. :(

sepoy | March 01, 2005

farangi: your nom de plume is an arabization of "Franks" as those pesky crusaders called themselves - and the Arabs adopted it to mean the whole kit'n'caboodle "West". All white men look alike being a solid theory to this day. Sharon & haroon: thanks for the warm and fuzzy. I am back [coughing will continue intermittently; drowsiness is a side-benefit] wanderer: you were there and you didn't say hi? i am hurt.

Sin | March 01, 2005

Feel better soon. I suggest massive amounts of miso soup, which can, I'm convinced, cure almost anything up to and including death.