Just Another Manic Mullah II

Posted by sepoy on April 20, 2005 · 1 min read

Some crazy mullah in Norway has written a book in Urdu titled Iblis ki Aulad [Sons of Satan]. The book is being sold, surreptitiously, on the streets of Oslo. The outfit behind the book is All Pakistan Muslim Society. What they are doing in Norway is up to debate. Unless "All Pakistan" includes Norway, now. Which would be right what the Olive Pope warned us against.

Here are some choice quotes from the book. It is silly pablum. Yet, it needs to be read and combatted. I cannot really find any more on the group or the book but I wanted to climb on my soap-box and proclaim that the coming Crusaders will never find me here.

More seriously, the issue of migrant populations in Europe - especially the Scandinavian countries - is bound to escalate up the charts in the coming months. I have some family of my own in Sweden and I hope that they can move forward in a safe and welcoming environment. On the Muslim leadership front, we need to have public officials ready to combat such manic mullahs. Paging Tariq Ramadan.


farhad | April 20, 2005

But how many copies of that would ve been sold before all this publicity it's been given now? Now it has got all the attention ... perhaps ... it was looking for. Another interesting incident that happened today was the arrest of Moulana Sami Ul Haq (who was/is a big supporter of Taliban) at Brussels airport but was released later on. And they refused to meet that delegation because Moulana was part of it. I really dont understand why that Mullah wanted to be in Brussles in first place? And secondly who named him in that delegation who was supposed to meet EU's Foreign Relations Committee. http://www.geo.tv/main_files/pakistan.aspx?id=74229

Faisal | April 21, 2005

I believe the book is written in Punjabi and is titled "Puttar Shaitan da" (I have seen the cover).

David Magier, PhD | July 05, 2007

Dear colleagues, as the librarian for South Asian Studies at Columbia University (in New York), I would like to try to track down and acquire a copy of the book referred to (Iblis ki Aulad OR Puttar Shaitan Da) here. Columbi has an excellent collection (in Urdu, Punjabi, and many other languages) of deep and detailed research materials on Pakistan and the other countries of South Asia. (We host the Quaid-e-Azam Chair in Pakistan Studies here). So I would like to augment our collection with this fairly obscure book. I am not promoting the book (of course), nor detracting it, but I am trying to do a dilligent job of tracking down resources like this, which will be of interest to our scholars of Islam, South Asia, Muslims in the world, etc. If anyone has any information on how I can purchase a copy for our library, please contact me at magier@columbia.edu Many thanks and bahut shukria. David Magier