Just Another Manic Mullah

Posted by sepoy on July 21, 2004 · 2 mins read

Here I do my duty as a sane human being by pointing out the absurdity that is the very prolific, Islamic scholar Maulana Imran Hosein. Let me just note what this particular 'alim wants to do: Establish a Muslim village in Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking of the plan yesterday Maulana Imran Hosein said it was born of the need to protect and preserve Islam from the ills of society such as alcohol, fornication, adultery, illegitimate children, homosexuality, lesbianism and murders.
He said there would be no mansions and since toilets were considered unclean places, buildings in the village will have no toilets.

What Islam is this? This pure, antiseptically clean Islam that shuns toilets? The proposer of this grand idea is the ex-khateeb of Friday sermons at the United Nations mosque in Manhattan. He lived in NY until Sep 2001. You can read his brilliant take on that as well.

I do not like ad hominem attacks. I hate calling people names. I do not believe that anything is served by me calling this guy a wacko. He can believe the Martians are responsible for Islam's woes. I do not care. But this guy has a following. People listen to him. Heck, all the people praying at the UN mosque listened to him for 10 years. And he is espousing such bigoted hatred, such millennialism as some Grand Elder of Islam. That is why I believe it is crucial to point out the absurdity of his claims. To be fair, the Muslim community in Trinidad has rejected this village with no toilets, murder or smoking. But what to do about Imam Hosein? Should we have a public rating system for Imams? Less than 2 stars and you are OUT. sigh.
At the very least, we can expose them for what they are.
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marlowe | July 21, 2004

A comprehensive rating system is in order. It shall be based on a five monkey-head scale to measure the likelihood of one of these fruitcakes eventually going apeshit. For instance, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Pat Robertson and Mullah Hosein would each recieve four monkey heads. Pope John Paul II, The Dalai Lama and some reasonable Muslim cleric (I live in the US and therefore have never heard of one, but I'm sure he exists somewhere) would each get a monkey head, but only because they take thier faiths seriously. A clergyman like Al Sharpton, whose Bible's pages have likely merged via entropy, would not make the scale. In this way we can quickly and objectively, without ad hominem attacks, warn the world away from these high octane wingnuts. Also, I think "ad hominem" attacks are very useful. Sometimes, if you don't use them, you must actually treat asinine arguments. That's not worth your precious time, Sepoy. In strict rhetoric, it's not "ad hominem" to call a thing by its name, especially when it has become indistinguishable from its argument. It is, however, impolite to speak the truth plainly, espeically in academia. When my daughter finally asks me about the Nazis, I'm going to tell her Hitler was one of history's more colassal assholes and anything associated with him now or then is to be treated like a rag soaked in catpiss. Of course, I plan to say the same thing about a few ex presidents, a couple of UK prime ministers, most South American heads of state, most modern philosophers and authors, especially Dan Brown, all television stars and popular musicians and Vu Tran.

thatshortkid | July 22, 2004

It's good that Trinidad rejected the village, but your quote doesn't mention smoking. You would think that they would have to smoke *something* to keep their mind off of the fact that they really, really have to pee (if toilets are unclean, I'm wagering trees are too).

Zack | July 22, 2004

Continuing the illogic used by this Imam, all humans are unclean. What an idiot!

s¯nee | July 23, 2004

:) Hosein said the village should consist about" 200 or 300 families...The village will have its own markets "and all stalls would be free of charge, ...... OK !! this guy has some 'serious' issues !!. Rating wont work..they need to devise a imam-qualification system which is globally accepted. I dont seem to understand how can they accept anybody and everybody to be their Imam?? this was not the case in times of Caliphs/khulfa-e-rashideens and even till 500AH, (sepoy?)..we are just getting more and more ignorant ...

rafeeq | August 10, 2004

hey u morons..get urself checked first!

khan | October 26, 2004

I happen to agree with the "manic mullah." A Muslim village will do wonders for people whose values run opposite to so called liberal and profane trends of today. If people can prance around naked on the street and make alcohol available for general consumption, why can't others do the opposite. We all should have the right to islands of public sphere that suit our taste. And that the mullah is asking for his share in isolated village settings is kudos to him. I dont understand what the bitching is about. You all are welcome to contract aids and lose your self respect in the cities as you like. One wonders who is more intolerant, chapati face or the mullah.

deen | November 18, 2005

For those who actually wish to comment on what the Shaikh said rather then what he was reported to have said can download the lecture. http://rapidshare.de/files/7710438/The_Muslim_Village_1.wmv.html http://rapidshare.de/files/7710937/The_Muslim_Village_2.wmv.html http://rapidshare.de/files/7711053/The_Muslim_Village_3.wmv.html http://rapidshare.de/files/7711319/The_Muslim_Village_4.wmv.html

Mujahid | February 05, 2006

I think you have lost your marbles and with it any sense of accumen in you to comprehend with what Imran Hosein is saying. You are probably one of the many lunatics that have no idea why were born into this world. Save yourself half a brain for when you die and go into your grave, you will regret what you had said about a servant of Allah!

koori muslim | March 30, 2007

sheikh imran hosein toilets mentioned as being unclean and their will be not toilet he meant inside the house their will of course be toilets outside as most houses used to have them outside

a sinful muslim | June 15, 2007

Mr.whoever u are i just want2request u onething..plz let maulana imran hosein do what he is doing n if u cant support such good ppl then dont throw garbage on them either..we'll be grateful if u stay shut wen u cant voice out gud..

Imran Hosein | September 08, 2007

The newspaper reported that my proposed Muslim Village would be for Muslims only. Yet the text of the report of my talk in the very newspaper made mention of my insistance that non-Muslims be welcome to live in the village on the condition that they are not hostile to Islam and that they respect our norms of public conduct. The newspaper report also declared that there would be no toilets in the Village. Yet I said that toilets in the Village would be either detached or semi-detached from dwelling homes. It is, I believe, too much to expect of those who use their wealth to buy and control newspaper publishing houses, that they would ever allow accurate reporting of news in matters that pertain to Islam. They fear Islam more than they fear their own shadow. As for the declaration that the proposal for the establishement of a Muslim Village was rejected, that also was false. There are many people in Trinidad, Muslims, Hindus and Christians, who have indicated their desire to live in such a Village. Imran N. Hosein

Farangi | September 08, 2007

Sir: What would those norms of conduct be?

Fauzi Bintalib | January 19, 2008

Dear ALL, please be reasonable and fair in your comments and you can only be reasonable and fair if you are willing to find out more about Maulana Imran Nazar Hosein at this his own website : http://www.imranhosein.org/

max | February 20, 2008

yow chapati man. i think youve got some serious issues and are living in a delusional world. what type of crack are you smoking, or maybe its the hormones talking. look around you and think for a moment - then you should realize that everything going on around us is fucked up. from what people wear to how the global economy is run. this imran hosein guy has studied economics, diplomacy and islamic studies at the highest level - what exaclty have you studied? mtv? thats the reason why your messed up in the head. observe the world with a clean unbiased heart and you shall see

Good Muslim | March 03, 2008

Pause for a minute and detach yourself from the biases of 21st century. This is a free world. Everyone in this world has the right to bring new ideas, philosophies, systems etc. When you can tolerate people who introduce exploitative systems like excessive taxation, insurance business, usury, legalizing lottery, gay lifestyles, veganism, vegetarianism. Then what is so wrong with Maulana Imaran hosein's ideas. After all, he wants to establish a place were likeminded people can live their lives following their ideals. You might laugh at his denunciation of using toilets but think about this. Is not in the health circle, they talk about doing things naturally, using organic natural ingredients etc? There is already a group of people who grow grass on their roof tops since the "green roof" provides much more heat/cold than artificial systems. It is not difficult to understand to defecate in open air is much healthier than in the environment of poisonous gases in the enclosed toilets. Don't throttle new ideas. Don't be so narrow minded. Taking a step back in life is not necessarily anti-progress. People are now going back to original ways of growing crops. They are fed up with chemical infested ones

gouled courtmali | November 16, 2008

cool marketing for got a mulllah? yet poor taste in usage. you should have said got chappati?

NMI | January 24, 2009

U dis crazy sepoy or what ever u call urself, i dont blame u. U r so ignorant that i pity u most. Unfortunately, u dont seem to be ready to come to light. May God guide u.

Aamir Ali | January 26, 2009

whats wrong with this Imam and his plan to establish a village?

Bilal | March 10, 2009

For those of you who have posted comments on here not just presenting your opposition to the much respected Sheikh Imran Hosein but actually making a joke out of certain comments of his that were most certainly taken out of context should first and foremost try and ascertain the truth behind what you read and see. Much of what Sheikh Imran Hosein teaches is hard for the majority of us to comprehend because we are all living and working for this world rather than the hereafter. It may be that these vile comments were a result of denial, a denial of the true fact that we are most certainly living in the final age. It is easy to character assasinate someone when they have spoken the truth because it helps us sleep easier at night. The thought provoking material presented by Sheikh requires a deep understanding and so my advice to any haters would be to please take a moment to reflect on the teachings of Sheikh Imran Hosein. For those of you who have simply read one out-of-context article I strongly recommend you listen to a lecture delivered by the Sheikh.

Irfaan | March 30, 2009

Alhamdulillah Max! You hit the nail on the head!!! "max 02.20.08 at 4:11 pm

Farah A. | April 25, 2009

As Muslims we have a duty to respect Islamic scholars and their opinions. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, has stated that a Muslim should never embarrass his Muslim brother or humiliate him, or speak ill of him behind his back. If you do not agree with Maulana Imran's view of establishing a Muslim Village, you should have a discussion with him privately instead of using this website as a means to embarrass and insult him. You should be ashamed of yourself!

tanweer | May 27, 2009

I only recently heard of Maulana Imran hosein from one of the pak alert emails. I listened to his lecture about dajjal , and honestly , since yesterday I have not thought of anything else . I was quite impressed by the way he explained the hadeeth about the dajjal . what I don't agree with is that Jesus will be sent down again. Many Muslim scholars have confirmed that the awaited messiah was Mohammed(saaw) and that jesus died. If Mohammed (saaw) is khatim al anbiya ,how can Jesus come back after him? I think these ahadeeth are compiled by christians to prove that jesus is after all "the son of God'????? I am a clinical pharmacist, but am an avid reader and have travelled all over the world, not Trinidad ,unfortunately. I am hardly the expert to comment on the honored maulana's lecture, but as any educated Muslim , I would be honored if the Maulana explains how jesus can come after Mohammed(saaw), the saviour and master of this world ? According to Sheikh Deedat , Jesus is supposed to be dead and buried in Kashmir. The Quran says ," wa itwafaina" ie we finished his life, about Jesus.How is he raised alive again? I think he will be raised as all humans ,yom al qiyamah? As for Mr. Chapati, how rude of you to twist the sheikhs words. In Europe there were no bathrooms or toilets up to the nineteenth century, they learned to bathe and have toilets from the Muslims. In England, people used to defaecate on the rooftops(yuck). up till now the westerners do not wash themselves after relieving themselves, how clean is that? Just because the west decided that toilets should be inside the house, we decide the same?What a wannabe you are Mr. Chapati! What is wrong about a Muslim Village? I would love to live in one. If you can have Jewish, mormon, Aamish villages, how did Muslim Villages become so wrong? I lived in total comfort in Toronto with a great job, house and loads of money, after I got my daughter ,I decided to move to Dubai(24 years ago) when I felt it was the right place to bring up my children. I lived in a little house with a semi detached toilet, and have brought up my children far away from the dirty western schools. Mr. Chappati,you are so DENSE and narrow minded, also a liar, I must say!

Syed Umar | June 21, 2009

hi, how r u tanweer, it was good to know tat you feel the same about the kind of ppl there are in this world who try to press msgs which could change, bring revolution in out minds. well i will try to answer your question in best possible way. well you said that Prophet Jesus DIED, point me out one place that stated that Prophet Jesus died. no he was taken up to heavens, and ever since awaiting his arrival. Y, Y is he arriving, as u said then the Christians will say "na auzbillah" he is the son of God. well my dear he will come to tell everyone first that he is not the son of God but a Prophet sent upon the ppl of Rome and jews, after his arrival when ppl will tell him to lead the friday prayer he will tell Imam Mehdi to come forth and lead us to the friday prayer, this will intern change the perception of all ppl about Prophet Jesus and will understand how can a prophet prey behind a man, he will then to everyone that i m not a God or Son of God but a Prophet of God to pass his message to the ppl here and lead them to sovereignty,

anon | August 11, 2009

If you do not understand what the respected moulana is trying to achieve from the idea of a muslim village, then perhaps you should learn more about the dean before you start cursing a well learned alim. Moulanas lectures on dajjaal is brilliant. Those of you who have not yet done so I suggest you watch a brilliant series called the arrivals. Riveting stuff, perhaps it will bring you on the right path, inshallah.

shabzana | October 19, 2009

Asalaamualaikum 2 all, When i first heard of the sheikhs talks it blew my mind, i felt worried and felt immediate action must be taken, but i don't know where to start..... I don't know if me and my husband should purchase land buy ourselves or if we should join forces with other brothers and sisters, i have been speaking to immediate family who are willing to put in their savings and additional money too, and some other bros and sis'. or Are we better off waiting for a village to be established and then take a chance to move there? We have already started brainstorming about money, looking for land, visas and gathering more people insha'allah. But what would be the best thing to do? masalaama your sis in the deen.

Amina | December 03, 2009

Asaalaamu Alaikum! May the peace and blessings of Allah (Almighty God) be with you all. First of all, Whoever tried quoting the Sheikh completely misquoted him, I don't know why the motive, but only Allah knows. The Sheikh never said the muslim village will have no toilet. The quran warn us to verify information before we pass them on. This is What Sheikh Hosein said: (paraphase) He was refering to the sunnah of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him) and the traditions of muslims prior to this so called civilize world. He mentioned that the toilet were always kept detached from the house, because the toilet contains filts, therefore angels do not enter such places. If angels don't enter toilets when its outside, bringing it inside is just the same. Therefore, he said the muslim village will build toilets detached from the houses where people live, eat, sleep and pray. Please get your fact right. Whether you agree with the sheikh or not, you must make available the correct saying before jumping to conclusion. May Allah All Of Us Ameen

ashraf ali haniff | December 14, 2009

yoh homistan.... my suspicions tell me that you are definitely a jew!! wake up!!...it will certainly be nice to see you getting your just desserts in ALLAH's court!!

cLUTCH | January 25, 2010


rami | February 03, 2010

To the Person who has written this article, I would like to first state that you do not qualify to judge such a great scholar as a matter of fact you are nothing more than an uneducated person trying to argue your point across. You see, this man whom you are speaking of has a doctorate degree in many fields including economics. I am a masters student in the same field, and can assure you that from an economic perspective this man is 100% on the right track with every claim he stated and I will tell you why you ignorant piece of foreskin. If you have followed through his lectures, and understood how money was created from ancient times, and how it evolved from being a barter exchange world into a monetary system than you would not be talking at the moment. All this man is stating is that the system, or matrix we live in today was created based on fraud. Its structure is not a strong one for it to last, in other words it is bound to collapse. The Quraan speaks of Riba being haram and some hadiths explain to you why it is so. The creation of Englands central bank, and a new ideology of lending money on interest is the main cause of the problems of the world economies today, ask any economist who has knowledge of how markets shift and the history of economies. Since the creation of the Bretton Woods agreement as a fig leaf to hide the fact that paper could now be printed and used as money without any requirement that it be redeemable in the market in real money hence no intrinsic value, it paved the way for the establishment of the IMF with the explicit function of maintaining an international monetary system of precisely such non-redeemable paper currencies. By a policy prohibiting any link between gold and paper currencies other than the US dollar, it paved way for a delay in a country's recovery from an economic crisis and retard economic growth thus furthering economic and political stability. Countries were trapped with huge loans with money that constantly had no value. This new paper money system facilitated the banking system through fractional reserve banking to lend on interest money it did not possess or in words you can maybe understand LEGALISED FRAUD. The elimination of foreign currency restrictions would then expose a targeted currency to financial attacks that would create opportunities for windfall profits as the currencies lost value. So this system emerged out of the Bretton Woods agreement succeeded in imprisoning the masses in the prison of permanent poverty and sometimes destitution. It could also be 90% proven that inflation is caused by manipulation of the money supply and not by forces of demand and supply as we have been preached about in schools and universities. Riba, money on interest is the source of the problem we are in today, and it the world followed proper banking according to the sunna, not modern day "Islamic banking", than the world would not be in this situation. Moreover, when the electronic money, or currency that is soon to be the replacement of the current monetary system in the world, comes forth such would wheel in its wake financial slavery. You must be a ignorant not to see how this man is proposing a solution to the problem when the real crisis kicks in and martial law and famine arises in countries. You are not even worth an explanation for you are nothing but a self-centered uneducated brain washed slave of the system who believes that you are living in a green world. I hope you one day get to where you want, and buy the Ferrari that you've been dreaming of all your childhood, and soon realize that you are living in a fraudulent mafia controlled world and loose everything and get thrown on the street. WAKE UP, and go research and gain more knowledge about the issue before you go on criticizing people who have dedicated their lives to studying the matter. As i said nothing but a piece of foreskin.

akbar | February 06, 2010

As i said nothing but a piece of foreskin. Dear Rami, I do not want to offend your sensibilities as I can clearly see what happens to people who dare it. But I can not resist to ask, Is it the consensus policy of the group following Maulana Hosein, to call people names who happe n to have different views about things or was it your personal preferance. Also I would like to know if there was any precedence for such behaviour in Quran,Ahadith or Sunnah or for that matter in the Masters for economics curriculum. Best regards Muhammad Akbar

John Savard | May 07, 2010

How can anyone dare to call Imran Hosein a great scholar, when his book "A Muslim Response to the Attack on America", he advances the bizarre notion that the 9/11 terrorist attack was staged by Mossad. And what words did Imran Hosein have for those moderate Muslims who recognized that the Taliban regime, which denied women all forms of basic medical care, and Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, responsible for a previous attack on the World Trade Center, were not representative of Islam, and that the fact that the U.S. is not a predominantly Muslim country should not prevent it from defending itself from attackers who profess Islam? "The most dangerous and obnoxious of all creatures on the face of the earth today, or the most evil people beneath the sky, are those scholars of Islam or Muslim leaders who were totally deceived by the September 11th act of terrorism and who responded to it by blaming Arabs and Muslims for the attack and by extending patriotic support to Britain/USA/Israel in their war against Islamic Afghanistan. Usama bin Ladin and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan were completely innocent of that September 11th attack. The war against them on this account is manifestly unjust. Such misguided Islamic scholars and leaders ought to be universally condemned."

maida | June 04, 2010

I hope that you live long enough to see the truth in his lessons becuse he has opend my eyes and my ears..and i mean those in my hart. Look around you all humanity around in Europe are working and nobady has time to even think and evrything in their lifes is materiallity to have and have and have just more money and more things. But if you ask them what is the purpuse of their lifes they will awnser to have this and that and to live life this way....is that why the mighty Allah s.v.a. has made us for? What happends after this life?? Think about this why do so many have kredits and now works are less and less and soon enough we will not have to by bread...

SlowRkers | July 24, 2010

@John Savard I don't think that Maulana Imran is wrong in anyway. If you have watched all of his Lectures you might understand Especially a Lecture called "Prophet Muhammad and the World today" it is available on youtube to watch. I really think we need more people like him than most of the other "spineless" scholars of Islam. At the end of time there will not be many people who are Wise even though there is a lot of knowledge said in one Hadeeth. When Islam was attack on 9/11, the Media really had a Field day covering stories of islam (mostly lies) and Guest who collected money to buy Newspaper article pages to Respond to the Monstrosity attacks on Islam on a huge scale??

M. Rahman | July 24, 2010

People, Chill out a little. Civil discourse is possible without calling names. Dr. Ahmed (Sepoy) is a balanced writer. The introductory page on this web site plainly states "His posts are often smug and superior in tone but you should forgive him. He is just an academic, after all." In this case he appears to have authored his view based upon incomplete information. He, like all of us, is also human and can make mistakes. The informed few have clarified the Imam's actual message and it is time to move on. No one is being forced to move into the proposed commune or prevented from joining in. Let's hope it will be a source of tranquility and not be one like Jonestown massacre in 1978 or David Koresh's Branch Davidian religious sect compound. Peace!

Steve raised in the Christian church | September 03, 2010

For starters, should you name God you will lead people to bringing that God n embarrassment and disgrace. Whatever you name the religion that has named the God, it will hold true. That does not mean that the sages among men, even those on opposing sides are devoid of all truth, even on whatever grounds their merit can be challenged. Someone in the postings invited us to hear what the man actually said. Now considering we are in the country where a man can say he served on a Senate Subcommittee Debating on whether the internet should be released to the public, and has since quoted him falsely as claiming to have invented the internet. Good luck getting folks to listen to what was actually said pilgrims of the world, good luck. So when you hear the Mossad accused of staging 911, it certainly looks like someone did. Two magic airplanes without the fuel capacity to melt concrete and steel by the megatons, crumbling that much mass of even dry dirt, is less believable than a magic bullet multi-targeting from a Texas bookhold. We know the provided answers dont make any sense. Hosien cant be completely nuts he want his village bathrooms built far from the kitchens. I would have see some plain spoken logic in that. He may very well present a truth about the Mossad. The Mossad has tried to raid the Mexican Congress. Plainly they arent sweeties we need to protect and shelter as Americans, the sooner we stop sheltering them the sooner the problem of Muslims as hostiles toward the US will go away.

A Christian | April 17, 2011

I am not a muslim but I have read his researches and essasys on humanity to complete my masters degree here in Canada and I think this man is a man of knowledge and wisdom and he can really teach what life and the truth is all about.

Michael | April 17, 2011

Whoever created this website only did it for his/her politcal gains

shorab (Mauritius) | April 19, 2011

I didn't hear Sheik Imran lecture on september 11, but after watching this video made by Christians (not muslims) from America (not from Pakistan) I was shocked. Who was the mastermind behind the attack? Dajjal? watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQLCYR9iROs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMfHxoM07YM&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQLCYR9iROs http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3979568779414136481# Watch it even 4 times, it will not be a waste of time. To know about manipulation watch these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsUtvOW6SR0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmShBiQQksc The sheik said Dollar will collapse, see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bnL9L5jT1M

Jamil | April 04, 2012

I love it when people just highlight something like 'Toilet' put it underneath the microscope and use it to twist and condemn the Maulana. It just shows the desperation and the extent they are willing to go to keep the Muslims in lala land, but fail. NON-Muslims are taking on the Maulana's opinions etc!! While we Muslims are busy fighting with 'Toilets' and so on lolz! Overall I say Sheikh Imran is giving some solution for us to think about, right? Did he say anything EVIL? Did he say negative things like 'Dont Establish A Muslim Village, Don't help Palestine, Follow the way of Dajjal, 9/11 is done by Muslims, Dollar is Not crashing so Invest In the Dollar, Sea of Galilee is not drying up, the hadith is false, Digital money is the best Currency, Gold and Silver...what is Gold and Silver???' and SO onnnn :P Haters will broadcast your Failure, but whisper your success.

Ayesha Shaikh | September 14, 2013

See this videos 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DXdQ3qeyUs 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcsCxa41VKM

Dr Aisha | October 20, 2013

Imran Hosein advocates the Muslim Village yet says Caliphate. Muslim village according to him can contain Hindus when Dar Ul Islam does not allow Hindus, only allows Christians and Jews. Further Caliphate advocates Dar Ul Islam and Ahle E Kitab allowed to live if of the Book, but must pay Jizya. Hindus cannot pay Jizya in Dar Ul Islam envt. So this is hypocrisy right there. He also says work of surgeon is Dajjal, cutting in half and bringng back to life. That hadith only apply to Jabal Al Habshi. So my masjid ka imam is alive from dajjal fitna? He memorized Surah Al Kahf and anyone who memorizes Surah AlKahf is saved from fitna of Dajjal. And modern medical treatment originated from work of Muslims, Ibn E Sina's works are still used, in fact modern western society advocates Islam founded modern medicine and first medical school was in Iraq I WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO A DEBATE IMRAN HOSEIN. COME OUT IN OPEN. IF ALLAH WILLED IT HE WOULD HAVE ALLOWED YOU TO FLY OVER USA BUT HE STOPPED YOU AND EVEN IN USA MUSLIMS DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY. ALHAMDULILAH WE ARE SAVED FROM YOUR FITNA IN WEST.