Jolie Good

Posted by sepoy on May 06, 2005 · 1 min read

Back in the days, the Afghan refugee camps were a must-visit for NY, DC and LA celebs [see Charlie Wilson's War]. Such hasn't been the case in a while. Angelina Jolie, who spreads Goodwill as a UN Ambassador, is currently visiting the camps outside Peshawar. She has been there before in August 2001 and published her journals as well. In late September 2001, she donated $1 Million to the relief fund for Afghani refugees. Remarkably good of her.

Let me get the shallow bit out by pointing out that she looks damn fine in the shalwar kameez. On a more serious note, I have been to the refugee camps and I applaud Ms. Jolie and her work on behalf of the refugees of the world. CM editorial board endorses your purchase of any Jolie-associated products. Ah. I just cannot get serious this friday.

Have a good weekend, gentle readers.


Sin | May 08, 2005

When I found out that she was in Islamabad, I actually booked a flight up there, because despite the whole gay thing, I LOVE her. LOVE. And then I found out that half my Isloo friends have had dinner with her, and most certainly aren't shy about flaunting that.

Ms. World | May 09, 2005

She is working that salwar kameez!

f.nadia | May 09, 2005

Sin: What'd your friends say about her? And more importantly, did she have anything to say? How's her Urdu lately? Personally I think the salwar kameez looks fantastic, and am glad she's setting a good example for other western women who visit.

sven | May 16, 2005

Get your Jolie UN Goodwill Action Figure now and we'll throw in Adopted Foreign Baby Maddox and Famous Wife Leaving Husband Brad Pitt for free!!!

kuffir | June 16, 2005

judging from her movies she has as much understanding of the afghan refugees' plight as of the monkey-godlike figures she fights on the screen .the firanghi step over the subcontinent's 'dukhti rugs'every chance they get and all the natives do is admire their rags.