Posted by sepoy on January 11, 2006 · 1 min read

I know I have immaculate taste in Music but I'd rather keep that information to myself. And the mini-Store is useless in terms of UI, in any case. [?]


Sven | January 11, 2006

[yawn] So iTunes knows what I listen to. Boo-F**kin-Hoo.

sepoy | January 11, 2006

Yes, you don't care if your information is fed into a giant database, shared by that company to others who will send you emails from Ticketmaster, Virgin Music or BMG. And since iTunes has your email and your credit card, they can send that off to financial institutions who can send you more junk personalized by Britney Spears' pleas for a five year CD bond. [snore]

sven | January 12, 2006

I stand by my comment.

Moacir | January 12, 2006

The part I like is where Amazon--the source of about 99% of the music I buy--doesn't have my cc info, email, or a database tracking what I like. Because that would suck, not unlike the mini i-store.

sepoy | January 12, 2006

Unlike how Amazon has a privacy policy that they advertise everywhere and tell me what data they have and how they use it. And yeah.