Iran Statement

Posted by sepoy on November 21, 2008 · 1 min read

American Foreign Policy Project has released a joint statement by experts (including J. Cole and B. Rubin), containing recommendations for President Hussein's future Iran policy:

Open the door to direct, unconditional and comprehensive negotiations at the senior diplomatic level where personal contacts can be developed, intentions tested, and possibilities explored on both sides. Adopt policies to facilitate unofficial contacts between scholars, professionals, religious leaders, lawmakers and ordinary citizens. Paradoxical as it may seem amid all the heated media rhetoric, sustained engagement is far more likely to strengthen United States national security at this stage than either escalation to war or continued efforts to threaten, intimidate or coerce Iran.

More on the site. The "myth" section is a great addition. I kinda want to write a Pakistan version.


sarahjane | November 21, 2008

In addition to its thoughtful content, I like this statement for its "big words" and upper-reading-level sentence structure. (must be at least 10th-grade.. yippee!) _Please_ write a Pakistan version!