Posted by sepoy on January 04, 2006 · 1 min read

I have had a stressful week or more.

And last night, found myself staring at the ceiling around 3:30 in the morning. The night before I had sat up watcing the 2005 Spelling Bee contest. Which was great, because all of the five finalists were desi kids: overclocked for perfection, of course. The kid, Sameer, who came in second was freaking me out with how good he was. As Rajeev quipped, 'man, they have 5000 years of memorization practice built into their genes'. I must have a different gene pool because I can't remember jack.

In any case, as they say, Idle hands are the tools of the Devil. There is no markup on the shirts, but if you DO buy one, please tell me. I really want the Provincializing Chicago and the Mughals one. No, I want the Subaltern one. For the record, I cannot afford to buy any of them.

As my dear abba gee would say, 'do nafal parho aur so jaoo'.


reformist muslim | January 05, 2006

The subaltern t-shirt is fantastic. Also the 'do nafal' quote is brilliant.

sdit | January 08, 2006

Of course if they're not gonna be Asian...then they have to be Desi!! That's funny though that the last five were Desi =) I was runner up in my fifth grade one....hahaha....darn Asian girl!!

ÿ”بانِ شیریں | January 10, 2006

Eid Mubarik