Inning and 131 runs

Posted by sepoy on April 16, 2004 · 1 min read

Pakistan allowed India to come to their house, eat everything in the fridge, watch their dvds, make long distance phone calls, misplace the mail and then borrow a couple of hundred for just a day or two until the payroll check clears.

Then India packed up the open can of whup-ass and boarded the Samjhota Express home.

Hats off to a great Indian team effort.


Shakir | April 16, 2004

Ah yes it was expected ..the paki performance was terrible..Charo Shanay Chit...we should have atleast won the one day series..BUT .. We are MEHMAN NAWAZ (hospitable)....We will deal with India on their SOIL next Year!! (Its all part of the peace deal.)