Posted by sepoy on November 21, 2005 · 1 min read

I want to draw your attention to two cases that share nothing except your sense of outrage. In one case, there is little you can do. In the other case, there is a lot you can do. Let's take the one where your agency counts, first.

I know that the hip thing is to talk about how Banglorians are stealing your jobs. Let me, though, refer you to the un-hip topic of exploitation of cheap labor and industry by First World entrepreneurs. Michael Aram sells his wares in all the posh places. His metal-wares are made in Delhi. He has stopped wages and bonuses for 17 workers after a dispute with the local management. This press release [pdf] has all the details. You can sign a Petition; spread the word and boycott Aram products.

Second is the case of Muhammad al-Harbi [via Muttawa], a Chemistry teacher in Saudi Arabia, who is sentenced to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes. He is accused of witchcraft for designing and installing a barometer that predicted rainfall by playing a chime. All because his students failed a Chem exam and wanted to take revenge. You can sign his Guestbook and show support.