Indian Election Sights

Posted by sepoy on April 15, 2009 · 1 min read

I went trolling on the internets for some sights of the Indian campaigns. Not much. The official BJP site has like 8 little photos and Congress none. Though, the Congress does have separate Hindi and Urdu sites. Nothing on Getty Images, but I did find some cool shots on flickr. Enjoy.


Conrad Barwa | April 15, 2009

LOL, wonder how long that poster of Mamata will last before some CPI-M goons get their hands on it!

Qalandar | April 15, 2009

Great photos, thanks!

Red | April 15, 2009

Shashi Tharoor with Yasser Arafat, what a find! This is a mustread to understand Indian political posters

karuna44 | April 15, 2009

Always on time with the imagery . . . that Shashi/Yasser pic is fab - I wish I knew what it said . . .

karuna44 | April 15, 2009

Thank you for the link, Red . . . hilarious and instructive . . . The Man as The Great Communicator by virtue of a cellphone got me . . .

Global Voices Online India: Sights of Indian Elections | April 17, 2009

[...] Mystery digs into Flickr to find some photos of election campaigns in India and posts some interesting ones. Cancel this [...]

Qalandar | April 17, 2009

Conrad: wow, it seems the CPI-M goons got to flickr too!!!

abhishekr | April 17, 2009

@ karuna,shahi tharoor is traditionally seen as someone who was with the israeli side against palestine and needless to say in kerala pro palestine sentiments are very strong.The poster tries to assuage those fears.

Quizman | April 20, 2009

What??What??? What??? How COULD you miss Meera Sanyal's logo? Look on the left corner of the linked page.

Quizman | April 20, 2009 is the link.