India Shines

Posted by sepoy on May 13, 2004 · 1 min read

Vajpayee is out. BJP is out. Congress makes a stunning comeback as the largest party in India's just concluded elections. Well, maybe picking India Shining as the campaign slogan wasn't the best idea for BJP. But, India did shine in demonstrating once again, what is sorely lacking in Pakistan, the power of Democracy. Especially in Gujarat - the site of such communal violence inspired by BJP - it is extremely heartening to see the voters reject violence . It is, thankfully, a major setback for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that participated directly in polling activity with hopes of leading BJP to victory. On the Congress side, there is no doubt that Rahul and Priyanka's campaigning lit a fire. Priyanka Gandhi, especially, proved a huge asset for Congress among the Z Generation (or whatever Outlook India called 18-25 age group).
With Vajpayee's resignation today, the central question becomes: Will Sonia Gandhi become PM or will she let someone else from Congress take that post. If she does, it will be astounding. An italian born PM of India!! Next Move: An Austrian born President of USA!!
uh. maybe not.
More importantly, what does it mean for the new thaw in India-Pakistan relations? I think that Congress will not shift from the present course. Although, I do see Pakistan stirring the pot in Kashmir again - just to see what rises to the top. right.