Hungama I

Posted by sultana on September 06, 2013 · 4 mins read

[Gentle readers, it is too infrequently that I get to thank the remarkable love and time my friends and colleagues pour into this blog - Lapata, Farangi, Patwari, Sanyasi, Basanti & others who write, guest-write, curate, edit, recruit. CM would be long dead and dormant if it was only up to me, and I am just delighted that it continues to live and it lives on the strength of others. To this family, I want to welcome CM Intern Sultana. She will begin with this curated list from the blog and the FB page "Hungama" (هنگامة meaning a moshpit mashup). She will be doing other writings over the next weeks (until she gets a real job and makes it big in Bollywood). Please welcome her, and please keep reading - sepoy]

In the glorious month of August, while Sepoy was busy looking at Mughals, Sanyasi looked at CNN looking at Lapata and Green at Vollmann looking at himself. We also wrote about a translation of Upendranath Ashk's memoir “Manto: Mera Dushman,” and the work of memory in the construction of the binary between secular Telugus and communal Muslims in Andhra Pradesh.

While memory remains a battleground, traveling to ancestral homelands evokes a range of emotions and reflections on loss. We hear that the 1947 Partition Archive is making sure to record oral histories from survivors. The month of August also brings enlightenment on the aftermath of independence: Kashmir, wounds of Waziristan, Slumbai, unheard gravedigger stories.

On CM's Facebook page, we reminisced about the works of Mahmoud Darwish, Seamus Heaney, AK Ramanujan, and Begum Para. Look through the month's interesting posts and join the conversation:


Aniruddha | September 16, 2013

Welcome! Welcome!