Hrant Dink

Posted by sepoy on January 19, 2007 · 1 min read

Hrant Dink, editor of Agos, was killed in Istanbul. Dink had been convicted by Turkish government and given a suspended sentence in Oct 2005 for 'insulting Turkishness'. His 'crimes' were an article in Agos and remarks after a conference wherein he reflected on being Armenian and being Turkish. You can read a summary of charges against him here. If you want to know more about the background - the Turkish-Armenian strife - you can read this.

Dink is not the first, nor sadly the last, of those who give their lives for the truths they hold. May he rest in peace and may justice prevail.

Please see elizabeth's post and also the translation of Hrant Dink's last article.


Victoria Butler-Sloss | January 19, 2007

We are very sorry hear about the death of Hrant.

elizabeth | January 19, 2007

aaj bazaar mein pa bajolan chalo

Mountainman | January 21, 2007

Khab Martay Naheen, Khaab Dil Hain Na Aankhen Na Shaamen Keh Jo Reza Reza Huay To Bikhar Jaingay Jism Ki Maut Say Yeh Bhi Mar Jayengay Dreams do not die Unlike the heart or eyes or evenings Which pass away and disintegrate into nothingness Dreams live on when the body is no more. Ahmed Faraz