How to Fight Loneliness

Posted by sepoy on April 26, 2006 · 2 mins read

Apologies for the lack of postings. It has been a busy couple of weeks. This past weekend, a conference that took a year of planning and execution took place. Sacred Cows & False Prophets: Traversing History and Religion in South Asia or as I called it, Ronapalooza. My idea was to do a simple festschrift for my advisor, Ron Inden, but I didn't realize how many illustrious students he has had in over 30 years of teaching and writing about India. It was quite hard enough to secure money to run the conference and the myraid challenges of being an organizer but the hardest thing was to manage the list of participants. I think I escaped unscathed but who knows ... maybe somewhere my name is mud. Such a political minefield, this academia. Still, seeing the recognition of Ron's impact on so many scholarly lives was worth it all. Pdcs has a small report up that he was live-blogging on Friday. Perhaps he will return to it, though I doubt it. The conference was a drain on our collective reserves.

What else? There is an urgency for the next few weeks to do some serious editing and writing. Thanks to e. and a late night googling session my last chapter is ballooning to 80 pages. Not doable. Do I add another chapter? Do I take some of the things out? I don't know. Decisions have to be made. I must admit, though, that this will be one freakin' cool dissertation. You have been warned.

On the sidelines, I have finally found a way to combine my Jekyll with my Hyde. I am also insanely jealous of Jeremy and the whole CHNM crew. The South Asia crowd needs to learn a lot - and quickly - from those kool moe dees. For this year's Madison conference, I have proposed a panel on digital archives & tech. If it gets accepted, I will write the paper, here, on CM. Should be a fun exercise.

Finally, May 1st approaches. Please be in the streets, wherever you are.

Oh wait! Let's leave you with something to talk about. Here is a call from pdcs for nominations for the best Indian film based on fiction. My picks would be Umrao Jan Ada, Pather Panchali, Shatranj ke Khilari and Maqbool... what say ye?


desiknitter | April 26, 2006

My head hurts after conferences just from the compulsive nodding, forget the absorbing of ideas and staying awake bit. Accha, even if you decide to leave the film out of the thesis, do tell us about it here! And I've actually been collecting some stuff for the Sourcebook, to be scanned in later on.

elizabeth | April 30, 2006

i am pleased to hear that the altamash has helped reinvigorate your delight in the dissertating process. my system is usually to let it all hang out, and then triage like mad in the editing phase, but if you have no official word limit why not add the extra chapter? especially if the material is so much fun.

Qalandar | May 02, 2006

Must say I didn't care much for Maqbool, I thought Raincoat (based on a short story) and Choker Bali were better (though alas only the mangled-by-30-mins version of the latter is available). I'd also add "Kandukondain Kandukondain", loosely adapted from Sense & Sensibility, to the's great fun. The subtitles on this version are very good:

Qalandar | May 02, 2006

I'd also add "Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa" ("The Mother of [Prisoner] 1084"), based on Mahashweta Devi's short story. Call me a sap but it's the only movie I can ever recall crying through. How about one outta left-field? Sanjay Khan's TV serial: "The Sword of Tipu Sultan", based in large part on Bhagwan Gidwani's historical novel? I know I know, it ain't a movie, but you're not going to let a little thing like that get in the way, will you?

Qalandar | May 02, 2006

Can't believe I forgot this one: Dev Anand's/Waheeda Rahman's "Guide"...

sepoy | May 02, 2006

dk: I will, indeed blog about it. e: muchos gracias, again. And yeah, an extra chapter hurt no one. qalandar: Thx for the hazaar rec. Will def. check it out. And Guide! indeed.