Posted by sepoy on June 13, 2004 · 2 mins read

This made me laugh. It did. Jama'iat (IJT) got pissed because Allama Iqbal Medical College students were having a water balloon fight. A water balloon fight!! The nerve of those students to do that when the temperature is hitting 105C. My glee, though, came from flashbacks from when I was in college in Lahore. I remember IJT just like that, pissed off that others were having fun. Going out of their ways to disrupt parties and gatherings and musha'iras because these things were un-Islamic. Some see narrow-minded religious paranoia in those actions, but, I always enjoyed them as a desperate cry to let them in. They wanted to have fun too but on account of their pesky fraternity rules, they couldn't.

Most funny, though, was that IJT accused the med. school students of participating in Holi. Now THAT is a serious threat to the IJT. After all, IJT and it's parent organization Jama'at-Islami have promoted Hindu-hatred throughout the 50-odd years of Pakistani existence. This is no idle threat to them. Notice this article entitled India is Hot n' Happenin in Pakistan from the Times of India. It contains this helpful chart:

Indian Flavor in Pakistan

  • Hottest Movie: Kal Ho Na Ho
  • Hottest actor: Shah Rukh
  • Hottest actress: Preity Zinta
  • Hottest song: It's the Time to Disco
  • Hottest male: John Abraham
  • Hottest cricketer: Rahul Dravid/Irfan Pathan
  • Hottest dish: Dal Makhani/ Butter Chicken
  • Hottest socialite: Dina Wadia/ Maharani Gayatri Devi
  • Biggest crowd puller: Priyanka Gandhi

  • I am serious in saying that this chart will find its way onto a Jamaati pamphlets and this kinda stuff puts a serious hate-on in them. It's the drumbeat of pop-culture, people. Eating Chicken Makhani will not make you Hindu. Neither does cheering Irfan Pathan make all of India Muslim (and pathani?). Learn to live. In peace. Ah well.

    Maybe the med. school kids should throw some water balloons at the IJT kids. Just everyone cool down, no?


    A.P | November 06, 2007

    I find it hilarious how makhani is an muslim surname....Its meaning in hindi is butter. I mean- just the other day the makhan-walla came knocking on the door, was he muslim ...NO!