History on the Windshield

Posted by sepoy on July 16, 2004 · 1 min read

One of the "perks" of living in Chicago is that you get to pay the City lots of money for various "privileges". In the fiefdom of Daley, we are but serfs. The city makes you buy a city sticker to be displayed on your windshield that gives you the right to park your car in the city's dominion. $75 bucks if you buy before July 1. $115 if you buy after. $125 ticket if you don't have any. Anyways, we put ours on the car yesterday when I noticed that the theme for this year is Historical Chicago. And it has 7 icons on the right (see bigger pic here). The topmost icon is the Chicago Bears. The third is the Sears Tower. Next is, I am guessing, the Venetian Ship festival? Sixth is the Great Chicago fire (and the cow who didn't start it) and last is the Ferris Wheel from Navy Pier.
What are #s 2 and 5? I don't see any suspension bridges in Chicago or a giant pink tent? Any ideas?
The coolest thing, that I did not know, is that the stickers come out of a contest sponsored by the Office of the City Clerk for 7-12 grades. Here you can see all the submissions. My favorite is this gothic dreamscape. Isn't this great? Go Historical Chicago.


S. Terkel | July 16, 2004

Isn't the "A" just a bikini bottom from Oak St. beach? But upside down since you're behind the sunbather, just through the tunnel. As for the "H," hey, a kid designed it. What do they know? For "H," I would have drawn maybe the Marina Towers or the Wrigley Building.

Dean | July 16, 2004

The "A" is for the invention in Chicago of deep-dish pizza.

sepoy | July 16, 2004

Ha! Go Dean. Ok. So last thing left is the suspension bridge. and yes, Mr. Terkel, the kid must have had something in mind.

John A Roebling | July 18, 2004

That is clearly a child's rendition of my gift (that took my life!) to NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge. The child includes that to remind the lovers of historical Chicago that she, historical Chicago, is always already the second city to historical New York.