Posted by sepoy on December 21, 2004 · 1 min read

What she said.

Look for me in the new year [except for one special post scheduled for dec. 24].

I wish all my readers a warm and bubbly break and I hope that 2005 knocks your socks off.


Sharon | December 21, 2004

Have a good one (with your big tree!)

Hasan | December 21, 2004

Nice blog. I linked you today on my site (www.lungis.com).

Caleb | December 22, 2004

Best wishes to you too!

rob | December 22, 2004

Hope it's wonderful!

Rahul | December 23, 2004

hullo, sepoy, stumbled onto your blog, and love how its done. Actually, I'm speaking here on a mission. I'm one of the administration people for this space called www.desimediabitch.blogspot.com. We are a space for venting opinion/ criticism/ observation/ ideas/ bitchiness at the Indian media. (yea, am Indian). As a holiday season initiative, we wanted to invite some Pakistani bloggers to come and post on our space as well - how you view the Paktani media, and all your opinions/... etc on the same! The Pak Spl is on from Dec 25 to Dec 5, during which the desis will sit back and allow our guests to post - and we shall indulge in our observations and ideas. Would love it if you could join in and post some. So, PLEASE - do check out the space, and get back to me via email if u are interested! My personal blogspace is www.livinghigh.blogspot.com. Hope to hear from u soon, buddy.

Rahul | December 23, 2004

ok - the earlier comment did not show my email address, so here i am putting it down. i'm at mitrarahul@rediffmail.com

s¯nee | December 25, 2004

Warm Wishes & Merry Christmas to all the CM'ers ...

Malo | December 26, 2004

I really like the layout and design of this blog. Enjoy the break!

Neha | December 27, 2004

Simply brilliant. Lots of Brain and Heart Chow thanks to your blog, and yes the journal is simply the kinds that goes well with pickle. Hope the Tree is still standing, or sleeping, or doing whatever it wants to do, except watching TV. Who needs competition for the remote control! Khuda Hafiz!

Moiz | December 27, 2004

Merry christmas and happy new year

Claire | December 29, 2004

You're not in that igloo are you?

The Acorn | December 25, 2004

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