Help the IDPs in Pakistan

Posted by sepoy on May 13, 2009 · 1 min read

The humanitarian crisis caused by the displacements of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis needs your attention. After all those headlines about failing Pakistan and advancing Talibans, I hope that this immediate after-effect of the Pakistani military's actions also gets due attention.

pakistan IDPs

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omar ali | May 13, 2009

This is not looking good. Unless we are able to open up the decision making and get some adult supervision over the army brass, the army is perfectly capable of causing such massive suffering AND achieving nothing (beyond the dollars the top brass will get).If this turns out to be yet another cynical ploy by the Pak army, then who will be held responsible for this exodus and the deaths and suffering associated with it? Liberals who are prematurely ejaculating over this operation need to keep the army and its agencies past shenanigans in view. The taliban have got to be stopped at the border of the settled areas, and this army is the only army we have. But without adult supervision this general staff is capable of disasters no civilian can even imagine... about the tribal areas, I think if the tribal areas prefer taliban rule, why shouldnt they have it? and then they can handle their own foreign relations with NATO and Afghanistan in whatever way they see fit. It is my opinion that they will handle NATO better than the army can. They are not irrational idiots. They can calculate profit and loss and make whatever decisions suit them.

Akbar | May 13, 2009

'They are not irrational idiots. They can calculate profit and loss and make whatever decisions suit them. " Here is Pepe Escobar( a little off topic though ) "Washington would undoubtedly have to sit down once again with — yes — the Taliban! And we'd be back to July 2001 "

Yes man | May 13, 2009

"They are not irrational idiots. They can calculate profit and loss and make whatever decisions suit them." Actually they are. If we assume that the Taliban elite in 2001 knew about bin laden's plan to attack America. Which they probably had knowledge of, considering that Massoud was killed on September 10, 2001 by Al quaeda agents. The Massoud assassination was most likely as negotiated price for the taliban giving the green light to the WTC operations. If the Taliban did not think that a massive attack on america, which was supposed to hit the pentagon, WTC and the white house would not have elicited an invasion from the world hegemonic power and overthrow of their pithy regime...well.... allow me to paraphrase de niro in Casino "Listen, if you didn't know you're bein' scammed, you're too fuckin' dumb to keep this job. If you did know, you were in on it. Either way, you're out. Get out! Go on. Let's go. "

denali | May 13, 2009

In the short history of Pakistan, hardly anybody except Z. A Bhutto knew how to play with the big boys. The past tells us that when big boys are playing games, Pakistani nation lose their shirt. Lets look at the so called game of Pipelineistan, when the game is over and the dust is clear, Pakistan as a country will no longer standing as single unit, instead a combination of two three states controlled by the neighboring countries. What should Pakistan must do to make sure they survive as nation (just few top points): 1-Keep IMF and World Bank away from Pakistan as far as possible. 2-Pakistani national interest should be top priority of the establishment regardless which party and which general in power. 3-Universal Education and justice for all its citizens. Then may be Pakistan can play with the big boys.

Neena | May 13, 2009

Omar Ali you siad about the tribal areas, I think if the tribal areas prefer taliban rule, why shouldnt they have it? For what I care they can have the life over there as they wish but then they need a visa to come to other parts of Pakistan and then they shouldn't expect any help from others and learn to take care of their problems themselves. But you know the mess they create by doing Heroine and Arms business even in Afghanistan we the people who have to work for bread and butter suffers. BTW Pak Army has full share of that drug business and they aren't ready to let go such “Huge” profit.

Akbar | May 13, 2009

"allow me to paraphrase de niro in Casino .." Your sentiments about all things "Taliban" are palpable from your comments. If you have a document which shows that Taliban granted a prior authorization to UBL for the US attacks, then please put it on line to share with all. "Casino" was a movie , where everybody got their pay chesk and went home. This GWOT or long war continues with real people like you and me dying, guilty or innocent.

omar ali | May 13, 2009

Yes man, They are not irrational idiots. They calculated that they can fight off an american occupation. ...and they may yet be able to do that. In any case, if the Americans are able to defeat them, then they will make whatever deal they can in defeat. Either way, why should pakistan get in the way? Neena, I agree with you. I suspect that if they do consolidate the Islamic emirate, the real problem will not be about visas. I think they will want to conquer Pakistan and they will find some collaborators in that effort. In any case, they will not be peaceful neighbours. My point was just that occupying them against their will is a very expensive proposition. Much better to try and hold them at the border...

Yes man | May 13, 2009

Omar, Look at the Taliban in August of 2001. They had control of 80 percent of a country, with the remaining 20 percent waiting to be taken, they had cash coming in from saudia, they had military/logistical support coming in through Pakistan. Heck, The taliban killed a bunch of Iranian diplomats and even Iran was fearful of going to war with them. Moreover, let us not forget about the gas pipeline, and representatives of the Taliban visiting Washington in the late 1990s. And let us not forget they could impose any type of law they wanted without succumbing to international pressure. Not bad by all accounts. Now look at the Taliban 2009: Fighting on two fronts versus two enemies, the government of Pakistan, the other NATO. The most popular and liberal president in recent memory wants to make afghanistan his personal war, so he can look strong on defense. And for what? Let's say the US cuts a deal with them and they come back into the fold in some sort of power sharing agreement, they won't have carte blanche to run the country like they previously had. Very similar to Trading a condo for a box on the street.

Furqan | May 14, 2009

First of all, why do we even equate the two varieties of the Talibans? They are not the same, the two don't see eye to eye, and both have differing goals and agendas. The TTP is mainly a bunch of crooks, dacoits and have political and financial goals. In order to achieve these goals they are mainly targeting the local figures of authority, mainly the police, politicians and local civil administration through acts of terrorism, killings, slitting throats and then distributing the videos of all such acts to intimidate and scare the general populace into submission. They are doing this all while hiding behind the garb of dacoits and the ideology of Islam and we are too stupid and blind to see this. Open your eyes, know your own religion and see them for what they are, certainly not Muslims, but common criminals and animals!

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Nostalgic | May 14, 2009

Something more in line with the original post by Sepoy: the LeT is at it again with its so-called "charity work"... there was a post on about the IDPs, and I posted urging people to make sure they didn't end up donating money to JI fronts... another poster provided this link:,8599,1898127,00.html This is like the 2005 earthquake all over again...

jan | May 14, 2009

Apocalypse Now. Run for cover. The turbans are coming. This is the state of Pakistan today, according to the current hysteria disseminated …. Why the hysteria? There are several reasons: There are canyons of the Pakistani military/security bureaucracy who would love nothing better than to extract even more US dollars from Washington to fight the Pashtun neo-taliban. What is never mentioned by US corporate media is the tremendous social problems Pakistan has to deal with because of the [ongoing horror] of at least 1 million people now displaced (not to mention badly in need of food aid). The myth of Talibanistan anyway is just a diversion, a cog in the slow-moving regional big wheel - which in itself is part of the new great game in Eurasia. During a first stage - let's call it the branding of evil - Washington think-tanks and corporate media hammered non-stop on the "threat of al-Qaeda" to Pakistan and the US. FATA was branded as terrorist central - the most dangerous place in the world where "the terrorists" and an army of suicide bombers were trained and unleashed into Afghanistan to kill the "liberators" of US/NATO. In the second stage, the new Obama administration accelerated the Predator "hell from above" drone war over Pashtun peasants. Now comes the stage where the soon over 100,000-strong US/NATO troops are depicted as the true liberators of the poor in Af-Pak (and not the "evil" Taliban) - an essential ploy in the new narrative to legitimize Obama's Af-Pak surge. For all pieces to fall into place, a new uber-bogeyman is needed. And he is TTP leader Baitullah Mehsud, who, curiously, had never been hit by even a fake US drone…. And maybe there won't be! The myth of Talibanistan By Pepe Escobar

omar ali | May 14, 2009

So gentlemen (and women) what is the academic consensus about who is fighting whom? Apparently, there is a big battle going on in Malakand division. I am not asking about the grand narrative. Just who is fighting against the army in Swat, are they winning or loosing? and what do they represent? What do they represent locally (again, I am not talking about whether they can really invade Islamabad or not). Personally, I think its exactly what is advertised by both sides. Taliban are fighting the Pak army. That does not mean they dont have some contacts under the table. I am sure the army is still trying to get them to do a quiet withdrawal and the shelling will stop. I think they are unwilling to do so because by now even THEY dont trust the Pak army. And I dont think the army can really defeat them in a few weeks (or even a few months). And I dont think they are about to take over Islamabad, but I think they can cause a lot of trouble. But I am eager to hear what the academics think..

Yes man | May 14, 2009

Akbar the proof is when the taliban chose to fight the last remaining superpower rather than apprehend UBL. Secondly, who says the GWOT is not just as fake as a movie? One on hand Zardari and Mush cry to the US about the taliban invading islamabad so that the US cuts a check for billions inmilitary aid to islamabad. They "get their pay check" and go home as well. On the other they laugh at the thought of a few thousand jihadis taking control of the nuclear bombs to the press. So which is it? GWOT is a bigger farce than any other movie.

dontknow | May 14, 2009

Taliban are the children of those that defeated the USSR. But apparently you guys can't even make that much of a distinction. Mrs. 10% created them after the USSR left afghanistan. Did you see Fareed Zakaria in The Daily Show and how is mocked the entire nation of pakistan. When he mentioned that India would likely go to war with pakistan, the whole audience clapped. World Bank already owns Pakistan. It will only get worse if you keep begging for more money.

dontknow | May 14, 2009

As far as splitting pakistan is concerned. Baluchistan never wanted to be part of pakistan and has continually fought for independence. Same thing can be said about other sections.

City of Brass | May 15, 2009

an appeal on behalf of the people of Swat... The following is an urgent appeal for donations on behalf of the refugees of the Swat Valley, by Zeenat Ahmed, of the Center for Dialogue, Peace and Action (CDPA). Mrs. Ahmed is a well-known Pakistani activist whose family has......

Neena | May 15, 2009

Nostalgic - thanks for the link. I'm too worried about Jamati factor in recent development. I'm little worried about Army factor - since after this Army will gain the respect by being savior of the nation and they'll use Jamat Islami and its likes (the election bycottees) to loot the nation. And the cycle continues all the hard work and money will end up where it always did.

tsk | May 15, 2009

@dontknow: uh, no they didn't and the "mention" wasn't serious. 18:20 in: stewart floats an attack as a joke, and 3 people in the audience clapped inappropriately. they were quickly shunned. detecting irony and sarcasm is usually necessary when viewing programming on a comedy network.

Akbar | May 15, 2009

Yes man wrote "the proof is when the taliban chose to fight the last remaining superpower rather than apprehend UBL. " The only remaining superpower, with billions spent, hundreds killed, GPS systems and drones, could not find UBL "dead or alive", as GWB proclaimed. May be "Taliban" should have used Aladin's magic lamp and asked the Ginnie to capture UBL, but alas they declared war on US and started bombing its cities. "who says the GWOT is not just as fake as a movie?' This is half truth, GWOT is fake but not like movie at all. The people (innocent and guilty) who are being killed and maimed are real. I am no fan of Zardari or Musharraf but Zardari,s wife was brutally murdered in daylight in Pindi on 12/27/2007. He has not been able to regidter even an FIR gaginst the killers. He was told he is next and he took refuge in Prime minister house and cut deal with powers to be and bought safety of president house with his party now paying the political price. Musharraf had at least 3 widely known attacks on his life for a lot many unknown. In one 14 people got killed. He still lives in Army house and while he was on lecture tour, he was provided bullet proof vehivle which would take him direst to the aeroplane rather than boarding through regular gates. So they are not laughing to the bank anytime soon. The farcical part is that joke is on us the American Tax payers, for whom the cost of this adventure is being put on national credit card and ther is no end insite.

Akbar | May 15, 2009

"Some express concern that the private groups, critical of the government's invasion of the Swat Valley, will increase sympathy for the Taliban-styled factions there." Seems like people living over "there" cannot win. Whether the military does not fight or fight, displaced people are helped or exploited, the consistent theme is everything benifits "Taliban". This moral bankruptcy of current world order is mother of ,economical bankruptcy and military failures that are following it closely.

Fabi | May 18, 2009

Omar Ali, Thanks for handing over a huge part of Pakistan to some extremist group called Taliban. Who are they? Do they represent the population of the area? If yes, why aren't they welcome by that area, why are they committing atrocities in the name of Islam, suicide bombs, hanging of police officials, burning schools, cutting off media and forcing people to live in the dark ages?? Is this the Islam or Pakistan, the people of Pakistan want? How can you have one part of Pakistan living in stone-age, no education, no rights and the rest of Pakistan reflecting a total different picture of progress, education etc.? No! Nobody wants those idiot, irrational people. If they did, the people of Swat would have welcomed them with open arms and voiced their satisfaction with that maniac, cruel and murderer rule. So please stop defending them. They are not only creating trouble within Pakistan with their nonsensical acts, but spoiling the image of Islam and Pakistan abroad. Soon after 9-11 we used to defend our country's reputation by pleading that Taliban/Al-qaeda is not what Pakistan is all about. Now with these bunch of irrational, extremist terrorists, Pakistan is being depicted in the news as a population of fanatics and terrorists Taliban. They are a small fragment, mainly consisting of Afghanies and even other border nationalities like Tajiks etc. They do not represent us and we won't let them ruin our country or religion's name.

omar ali | May 18, 2009

Fabi, Our army and "intelligence agencies" actally handed over that terrain to the taliban a long time ago. I am not endorsing that brilliant strategic project. I am saying its not clear to me how the army can now retake the tribal agencies without a major war. If the local people really prefer the pak army, then the army may be able to do the job more easily. But I dont really think they are attached to the army either.

Akbar | May 19, 2009

Here is an update from Dawn on one of the IDPs camp

ahmad | May 24, 2009

hi i am ahmad blng to buner and now v r staying in swabi i m n engineering student and iu r going short of money to continue my studies so anybody help me out...

salar | June 04, 2009

of course: we have to fight against these militants,which are going and try to grap our beloved is trying to save its our national duty to help the IDPs.These are our brothers,sisters,mothers and child so its the time to show our faith and love towards ALLAH's creation. (Every solution breeds new problem). but this time IDPs are not a problem.they need only help for few days. so come forward and join the hand with Army and Government.

Salman | June 04, 2009

"Pakistani army sources are presenting the operation as an extensive and determined effort to isolate a relatively small group of extremist militias. But three factors - the failure to cope with refugees, the ability of the militias to disperse, and the rapid provision of aid by radical movements - suggests that the long-term effects of the army's campaign could be to intensify Pakistan's divisions. The Lahore bombing and Peshawar attacks may be early signals of that." Pakistan's war on civilians: "Every time the army drops a bomb or fires a bullet in the north-west it is in danger of stirring up resentment among some civilians which will create new enemies in future years. The militants in Swat may well lose the battle over the coming days and the future of Baitullah Mehsud appears increasingly uncertain. But unless the Pakistani government - and indirectly the international community - changes its tactics, the Taliban can still win the war." **** hmm, why think of other tactics when you can delude yourself that you can bomb your way out of a problem?

bilal | June 19, 2009

lets help All the NGOs who are providing Food to the IDPs can mail me at Regards :Bilal

hanif khan | July 06, 2009

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imran Ul haq Baina Faiza shangla | July 11, 2009

Salam to Pakistani Govt and congradulation to them on their Good behavior with loyal Pakhtons of Swat, Shangla ,Buner ,Mlakand ,Dir. i m vry thank ful to ANP govt and congradulation to them because they wr the defendr of Pakhtons.People of pak are under trouble and they are bzy n A.C palaces n gossaping.Pakhton vl never forget this insult because Govt nd other agencies of foreign are using them like toys.if an atomic fower cant secure thier people then the govt has no right to rule.

Abdullah | July 12, 2009

for all the IDPS Dear me too belong from Matta Swat but i m not so dishearted.and we all belong to such nation which can not disheart you will get all your aims of your life. just do your best effort and take conection with your God which is great Allah. Insaullah Each and every person will return to ur own Home with full of Joy and Happiness. and i tell you all that in this world no one can help you there is only one which is Allah which will help you any time any where at any stage. Just Make a Vision(Aim) for your coming day. that we will not let the Tmmorow Just as Usual Just do Some work which is beneficial for you or for ur country. so Take care of ur self And wich you Best Of Luck Regard Abdullah

Muhammad Shahid | August 20, 2009

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sherafgan | November 01, 2009

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Nasib Khan | November 07, 2009

There is no Proper support of students in thoso which were greatly effected by taliban and due to melatary operation in swat and lower dir. plz also focus on education

Sehrish Javed | January 03, 2010

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Muhammad Arif | April 10, 2010

Muhammad Arif | Child Protection Coordinator | Malakand Response Programme Save the Children, D-I-Khan, N- W-F-P. T: +92 (966) 7155361, 716637 | C: +92 (345) 9141940, +92 (333) 9886502 | E: SAVE THE CHILDREN "Striving for Human Rights Friendly Pakistan"