Happy Chapati

Posted by sepoy on April 09, 2006 · 1 min read

On this second blogiversary, I would like to thank all of you gentle readers ((I especially want to thank the healthy 28-35% of traffic from .mil and .gov domains.)). Amazingly, since day one, I never felt that my audience was fictive ((see Walter Ong's The Writer's Audience is Always Fiction)). But that may be because I have never considered myself an author. This blog has been many things but, more than anything else, it has been a place for me to carry on a global chai-chat. As my time frees up, over this coming summer, I plan on doing more with this soapbox. For one, the election are coming. So expect the activist to return. And then, Iran is back in the cross-hairs. And, hey, at least my pretension of being an 'area-expert' are more credible in that theater.

So, stick around, and we shall fill a few more databases with our collective words.


Zack | April 08, 2006

Happy Blogiversary.

rob | April 09, 2006


chanad | April 09, 2006

happy blogiversary mate

Qalandar | April 09, 2006

Congrats yaar: you run a damn good blog...

pasha | April 09, 2006

when you perform the customary chapati qurbani in honour of this auspicious event, please be sure to send a juicy limb my way.

al-zabaniya | April 09, 2006

Congrats on making it this far and keeping your sanity while writing your dissertation.

hoopoe | April 10, 2006

Mubarakan, Mubarakan. From a friend a little to the west across the great river.

Sam | April 10, 2006

Congratulations from Östergötland, Sweden! And we're looking forward to lots of more fun - just remember not to get too sane!

s√∬Źnee | April 10, 2006

Tillyke - Congratulations ! Keep up the good work

desiknitter | April 10, 2006

as rafi would say, heppy burday!

Zak | April 10, 2006

Congrats..on your blogiversery (sp?) I just finished ablog post on Iran..and ocnsidering UK elections are around the corner i feel elections will also be a subject of discussion for me...

NDR | April 10, 2006

Joyeux anniversaire! Je suis excité de l'avenir de votre blog.

NSA robot | April 10, 2006

your prose makes it a joy to crawl web pages looking for freedom haters. bring on more.

Baraka | April 10, 2006

o joyous day! o happy chapati! :)

Suhail | April 16, 2006

Here's to many more chapatis :-)

someone else | April 27, 2006

Eid Mubarak! or something :)