Happy Birthday

Posted by sepoy on July 04, 2004 · 1 min read

4th of July is my brother's birthday. He does things with Oracle and Managing in Denmark and lives in Sweden and has lots of PDAs. He will provide the funding for my old age as I am sure to stay broke in academia.

Happy Birthday and tons of love, Baba!!

Happy Birthday to America, as well, homistan's older sibling (they have the same mother) and tons of love.


s¯nee | July 04, 2004

TILYKKE og LYKKELIG FÿDSELSDAG TIL VORES STOR BABA!! [congratulations and happy b'day to our BIG baba!! ] WE love you tons & tons & tons!!!(and no parties over the weekend !ok)

MayHa | July 04, 2004

Joooooonaid!!! HAppy Brithday. may you have many many many many many many more!!!! PArty on. lOve, MaHa. p.s: you never called me loser ;oP p.p.s: when are you coming here? sooner than manana~ thats for sure ;oP