Guests at CM

Posted by sepoy on September 11, 2006 · 1 min read

I like having people over. I like throwing parties. I am, what the kids call, a sociable person. That spirit is often in practice at CM - dacoit, farangi, nadia, rob and others have pitched in, now and then. And now, I introduce to you lapata [I will let her tell you what that means].

lapata holds a phd in south asian literature. More often, she holds a martini glass askew, with an absurd, charming little laugh. She knows that the world is a bad place and she plans on telling you that as soon as we all sit down and get comfortable.

She will be piping in, now and then, when I am not looking.

In addition, I have given farangi some assignments. Let's make sure that he delivers.

Also: Happy Birthday, Aamir!