Grade A

Posted by sepoy on June 28, 2005 · 1 min read

Just a public notice and congratulations to my younger brother who received 10/13 [A!] in his Masters of Science [in Sand, Dirt, Oil and Rock?] exam at Aalborg Univerity! He is now certified to find oil in the North Sea and be richer than this academic pauper. We are all very proud.

My one question is whether he can do something like dowsing for oil?


sonee | June 28, 2005

Thank you so much Bharay Bhai! But to be more precise, the degree is called, the Masters in Oil & Gas Technology!! and regarding dowsing, we already had 87436594386 discussions on this topic and you always claim seeing an old man,roaming around with two wooden sticks in our backyard in 1980's and is responsible for the current fresh water bore! very interesting story... but i dont buy it! Though once in 2001, while working on some Admiral's farm land near Malir, Karachi, I surveyed the area (geophysically) and found the depth to the fresh water to be around 350ft. We finalized and gave the results to Admiral's PA, who wasn't surprised at all..WHY? because some local Landhi dowser had already swayed his wooden sticks and predicted a range around 350ft! How he did it? what's the mechanics behind it?...I can't explain it!!

thbt | June 29, 2005

At least when you have breakfast in Chicago, your toast doesn't fly across the room and land in someone else's porridge.