Gore Warning

Posted by sepoy on June 04, 2006 · 1 min read

Go see An Inconvenient Truth. Pirate it. Distribute it. Watch it. I saw it yesterday and while Elizabeth Kolbert's Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change had already scared the living daylights out of me [well, her NYer version], I was still taken aback. It made me wonder, watching Al Gore, what world would be living in, had he been in office in 2000. Man. Oh well. If Al decides to run in '08 - count me in.

Along with the planet, Venice needs saving, too - it is sinking. "I love Venice and certainly do not want to see it lost. However, if we do not curb the rise in carbon dioxide emissions then there is no point in trying to save Venice. We should be worrying if we can save London or Paris."


Baraka | June 04, 2006

The trailer was electrifying - seeing it on Thursday. A President Gore would likely have defanged his green talk - in fact was already reassuring green-leery corporations of that while he was running. "Losing" the election likely set him free to speak far more openly and seriously about the environment than he ever could have in office.

Andrew Reeves | June 05, 2006

What Baraka said. That, and a part of me is annoyed by Gore's "I'm not a centrist anymore!" approach. Someone much more pro-choice than I was similarly even more angry when after Bush Sr. had long been out of power Barbara Bush came out and said that her and George had not really been insanely anti-abortion in the 80's and early 90's but had hewed to the party line for political expediency. That said, a Gore presidency would at the very least mean that the government was not teetering on the edge of bankrupcy.