Give a Brutha a Break

Posted by sepoy on September 27, 2006 · 1 min read

It wasn't enough that the Pope had to go all medieval on Muhammad but now we get news that Hans Neuenfels at the Deutsche Oper Berlin decided that what Mozart's Idomeneo really lacked was a decapitated head of Muhammad. And Jesus and Buddha. And Poseidon. I mean, seriously, how tripe is that? Freakin' Dante pulled that shit in the 13th century. Anyways, now someone noticed and left an anonymous threat. Then they pulled it. Which is how the Terrorists Won the West.

Everyone utterly bored by the banality of said controversies raise your hand. I have a proposition: Let's just leave Muhammad and Jesus out of this one, folks. They had enough. Go pick on Washington, Jefferson, Churchill, Gandhi, Jinnah, Ataturk. Go on. Decapitate our nationalist gods.


thabet | September 29, 2006

Why was Moses left out?

sepoy | September 29, 2006

He was up on the mountain.