Giant Race of Suckers Found

Posted by sepoy on May 17, 2004 · 1 min read

The assassination of CPA President, Sy Hersh's latest article detailing Operation Copper Green, Newsweek's piece on torture rules initiated by the Pentagon.
Lots of bad news to digest, to think about, to mull. And what do I get in my inbox from 2 separate sources this morning? THE ANCIENT RACE OF AAD FOUND IN SAUDI ARABIA. QURANIC HISTORY IS TRUE!!! This contribution to the world investigative pool is made by Bangladesh's Independent News Source: The New Nation.
So, while I really did mean to share my thoughts on all those other things. I thought, maybe, I can service the 8 people who read this blog better by pointing out that this is a hoax.
We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.