Get Involved

Posted by sepoy on August 13, 2018 · 1 min read

This is an open call to colleagues in graduate school/early career stages to get involved with our two main series of works: XQs and Book Roundtables. XQs is focused on first books by authors and we are looking for both suggestions for books but more importantly for volunteers to conduct the interviews. Book Roundtables are for major books onto which can be applied numerous perspectives from scholars, activists, artists, and intellectuals. We welcome pitches for books you consider reach a level of serious engagement, as well as list of potential interlocutors. In both cases, we will work with the publishers to get review copies and publish and promote your work. We are committed to publishing junior scholars of color, scholars belonging to traditionally marginalized groups, and those who are, in the spirit of CM, speaking truth to power.

Please send queries/profiles to patwari via your favorite social network, CM fb page, or via Contact CM.