Galabeya Woman

Posted by sepoy on March 09, 2005 · 2 mins read

Zein, Rakan, Aya and Jalila are Middle Eastern superheroes. Rob beat me to the punch on this but what is blogging if not shameless recycling? So none of these heroes is wearing a galabeya which makes them look "white" to Rob. I wouldn't say "white" - but def. teutonic. The endeavor is headed by Ayman Kandeel [an Econ professor] who wanted to make a superheroes for the Egyptian kids. To combat American imperialism? Nah. Just homegrown terrorist cells. Aya and Jalila are a law student and scientist, respectively. Jalila seems most interesting. She has a terrorist brother and a junkie brother. Sheesh. Rakan looks like a snoozer. Zein is a pharoah.

Seems like an interesting project and I hope it makes money. I remember my time in Doha and the utter lack of comic books of any sort. Except that one time we found Japanese manga books in the trash. Boy, that screwed me up for a while. I'd imagine that since then X-Men and Spider Man have had maximal global penetration. So, it will be hard for kids to choose this rather weak copy of the real thing. Why not just go for original concept? Adventures of Mulla Nasruddin. Amir Hamza, too. I go for that. Check out the site, though. It has a few pages from some issues. The English is also chuckle-worthy. And the Arabic side doesn't fare any better.

slightly related:Terribly excited to learn that Neil Gaiman is coming to Hyde Park! Apparently, he will be in short residency in cold Chicago as a Presidential Fellows in the Art program. On April 19th, there will be "An Evening with Neil Gaiman" at the Court Theatre. My fandom of Gaiman goes way back. But I am excited that his younger fans will get a chance to see and hear him. Such events can be truely inspirational.

So, if you are reading this Neil. Please come over for tea or coffee or some amazing afghani kebabs.


tsk | March 09, 2005

.....and the Daily Show beat you out 2 or 3 days ago. Also included a joke about how the villain is curiously named "Zios".

sepoy | March 09, 2005

what? I gotta compete with Daily Show now? JESUS.

rob | March 09, 2005

Yeah, "teutonic" is what I was getting at actually. But at least now I know what a galabeya is!

Sin | March 11, 2005

Oh you lucky man. I adore Gaiman. Please tell him that he has one massively-adoring fan sitting in Karachi right now.